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  1. Default Personality System Data Collection [WiP]

    Warning: This is a work-in-progress!

    Latest Update: Post #310 (PirateIzzy)

    Since I can nowhere find the exact numbers of the different personality traits, I thought it is a good idea to collect the data from these traits, and arrange them in a nice table. The data I'm looking for is the bonus a particular level gives, and what actions how many personality-exp gives.

    To look how much a certain level which amount of bonuses gives, doubleclick your character, and press the green 'My Traits' button in the bottom left corner. Then hover your mouse above the blue names to see the bonuses.

    To see how much exp is needed till the next level for your personality/profession, open the production window and open the 'My Professions' tab.

    Example how it looks like.

    For a list which bosses, quests and equips gives personality exp, click here.

    Exp Needed and Fatigue







    You can help this thread!
    • Post which action causes which reward (for example: 'I got x Ambition for killing y', 'I get 6 Willpower every 10 minutes for doing nothing' ect.)
    • Post the bonuses of your current personality levels
    • Post the exp needed of your current personality and profession levels
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    Lv1->Lv2: 500 exp
    Lv2->Lv3: 1200 exp
    Lv3->Lv4: 2100 exp
    Lv4->Lv5: 3200 exp
    Lv5->Lv6: 4500 exp
    Lv6->Lv7: 6000 exp
    Lv7->Lv8: 7700 exp
    Lv8->Lv9: 9600 exp
    Lv9->Lv10 : 11700 exp

    300k Potion decreases fatigue by 5. Only 3 uses per day.
    1m Potion decreases fatigue by 10. 3 uses per day.
    Creating an item through Mining and Herbalism is +1 fatigue. Creating an item through Alchemy is +3 fatigue. Creating an item through Smithing and Jeweler is +5 fatigue.
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    After I ht i'll jump on tespia and help out. My charm is 15 I think, really easy to level.

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    Results so far:

    • The exp needed for the next profession level seem nice follow the formula 100n^2 + 400n, with n your current level. Except the 3300 at lvl 4->5 should be 3200. Are you sure about that Locked?
    • The exp needed for the personality levels seems to be a bit more complicated. Looking at the graph, it looks it's using a new parabola every 10 levels, so I need more data for that.
    • The bonuses you get for your personality traits seem to increase every 5 levels with the same amount. I need some data at the higher levels to be sure.

    Keep up the data! You can level in the Rex PQ at another time. >:D

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    The Charm exp per day cap is doing strange. I get loads of Charm by equiping the lvl 120 earring and cape from Cody, dropping it, and then get new ones from Cody. Each Cape/Earring gives +90 Charm, and it gives the message I'm at my daily Charm limit while at Level 20 with 479/565 exp. Also I can't find a difference in the bonuses between lvl 0 Charm and lvl 20 Charm: I still don't have my first pocket slot.

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    Things added by personality stats increase every 5 levels, so there's no point in listing the ones in between

    There's no charm exp cap. Also its useless until level 30 when you get the pocket slot (only one). After that for every 5 levels you can do a quest to get a new cash shop face (permanent).

    Also, as you level up your stats, there's a medal for each personality stat.

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    8->9 is 163
    9->10 is 212
    10->11 is 233
    15->16 is 375

    Mining info as also correct to your estimate, Locked must have typo'd.

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    I do seem to hit a Charm exp cap, here is a screenshot: link

    Any idea when and how to obtain these medals?

    Edit: Also: Lvl 20 with 479 exp equals 5042 total exp. It could be there's a 5000 exp per day cap and that I overflowed it with the +90 Charm equips.

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    Im guessing in the Live server theres is going to be the Cap to how much personality exp you can earn per day, but i forgot what is the cap.

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    You get 5 Insight every time you successfully mine something.

    At level 10 Insight, +15 acc/avd.

    Charm, in regards to fame, is retroactive as well if we're the same as KMS.

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    What about existing equips, will they gain the charm bonus?

    Anyone know if boss Ambition is split, or will 2 Zak runs every day get you your 500?

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    No idea.

    Charm levels.

    to 22: 582
    to 23: 599
    to 24: 617
    to 25: 636

    And...would've gone further but alas, channel 9 is now broken. Tespia feels a bit like musical chairs atm.

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    Lvl 30 Insight, then if I am not wrong level 70.

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    I think he meant how much exp would you get for identifying an equip's potential.

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    Server: Bera
    Level: Mix
    Job: Severals
    Guild: None
    Alliance: Nada
    Farm: Wut?


    About this... You need lvl 30 insight to identyfying lvl 1-30 Equips.

    Lvl 70 for lvl 1-70 equips

    lvl 120 for lvl 1-120 equips

    and i dunno about the last level (Maybe the lvl 120 would be 1-200 instead? I dunno)

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    I tested it with a lvl 40 male bowman top with Average Magnifying Glasses (lvl 1-70), and it gave +6 Insight. Maybe it's level depended, once I have Lvl 5 Alchemy I'll try to fuse the free Reverse items from Cody for a chance to have hidden potential and I'll try again then.

    Btw, a fast way to increase your Alchemy level is to buy lots of the same lvl35/40 equips from the NPCs, then fuse them together/extract them, and throw them away again. It gives +60 Alchemy at lvl 1 and goes down the next levels since it's below your mastery level. Also, since revealing potential items is the only way for Alchemist to increase Insight, you can reveal the acquired hidden potential items for a small +6 Insight.

    I tried the same Charm trick again today, and again I seem to hit a daily cap. This time I didn't get past Lvl 28 Charm with 495/716 exp, which equals 10.092 total exp over 2 days. (previous cap was: lvl 20, 479 exp = 5042 total exp)

    Also added the personality exp to level up up till 28, and still it doesn't make sense to me but that it uses a new formula every 10 levels. It looks like polynomals, but when I try to calculate it it doesn't quite fit. There's most likely a Floor/Ceiling function in the formula. Here's a graph to show it: link
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    I hope the insight added goes like that, because I have around 50 saved unidentified equipments...

    EDIT: Also, to avoid confusion, I'd just add to the table the level when you get the improved stats. I guess it'll look clearer if you put lv 15 instead of 15-20. Besides, insight has 16-19 instead of 15-19, also. Also, I'd list Charm with "Wear particular gear" and the ammount, variable. Yes, some gear also adds to other traits, but charm is the main one. Oh, ans someone should test the PQs. I think they add Willpower, too, once completed. Probably varies depending on the pq.

    Last thing... What was the level cap on the traits?

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    PQ's should yield empathy if you read the description.

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    Spadow seems to disagree here then. Anyway, all I want to know is how much personality exp each pq gives.



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