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Thread: [Windia] R> Virtual

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    I'm recruiting my guild, Virtual. It's fairly old, and is fairly active as well. It has a large variety of members ranging from 110-200, and everyone in it is willing to help out others who need it. has been dead lately. If you'd like to join, leave me a PM, post here, or shoot me or any junior a whisper.

    Guild Info
    - No insulting or idiocy
    - No scamming
    - Open minded
    - Level 110+ only (not strict)

    Active Leaders and Juniors
    Leader: Loftwings

    Alliance Info
    Name: Nocturne

    Guild Status
    Members: 100/100
    Recruiting?: No
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    Hoorah. I'm recruiting again. Even though no one will notice this post. ;_;

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    Consider it noticed.

    Just a bummer I'm not in Windia.

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    I'll bite. I've been guildless for a lil while now ever since FA totally died.
    I'll try to contact someone in-game next time I'm on my main, though I'm currently trying to get my BW to 120

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    Just toss me a whisper.
    I'll edit the OP since one of my juniors has left. :/

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    Can I join on my mule?

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    I don't mind, Hoan.

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    I am not good enough for your guild. I'm sorry.

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    Im interested in joining on my Aran, he is 111.
    Look to the side of this post for the ign, i'll be on shortly after this post as well.

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    Oh cool. I'm usually afk but if you still want to join just give a whisper to one of the people in the OP.

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    Both Loftwings and rattslayer were afk in leafre, i got off.
    I could hop on now, but I'd like a response to see if your online ( Doesnt show it on SP ).

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    I'm on now.

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    Sorry, it seems our times are a bit off, if you want to pm me the times you can be on, i'd love to get on when you are.

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    Hi there, I'm interested in joining your guild. I'm currently looking for one since the guild I was in died quite a while ago.

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    What guild were you in previously?

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    Hi suf, didn't know you used SP til today!

    I was in Luminate.



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