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    I've had several requests for changed skill information since the strings are wrong in the game. Credit to me for creating the information and credit to JoeTang for reposting it.





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    Yeah, this is exactly what I needed to see to figure out the rest of my skill build. xD thanks.

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    Level 1/2 iron arrow also aren't typos, right?

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    They match perfectly with 3 and beyond, I don't see why you'd think so.

    Just to clarify, Arrow Blow is 2.83 in the skill data, not the string data, correct?
    Edit: Doh. Of course it's skill, the string data wasn't changed at all.

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    Oh sorry, lol I need to get my eyes checked =/

    Edit: Oh wait, never mind, so this is a typo, right? I found it in the original thread.

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    When did I...?

  7. DUCKS
    IGN: Mondays
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 170
    Job: White Knight
    Guild: Affinity
    Alliance: Honour


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    prob a typo on joe's part. Thanks Fiel, better then going on some weird japanese website.

    Also, AB 283%, wooo

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    In EMS Nimble Feet has 60 seconds cooldown... Fiel are you sure that in GMS has 180 seconds cooldown?

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    It has a 60 seconds cooldown in GMS.

    Fiel, you should rename this thread to "v0.56 Changed Skills Information". Or whichever patch it was, I don't remember.

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    Oh... so it has 60 s.c.d. in GMS too... thanx russt

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    To my knowledge, Nimble Feet went straight from a 15 minute cooldown to a 1 minute cooldown. There was never a 3 minute cooldown. :X

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    nono... it was 3 mins... I'm sure of it... maybe in Tespia, but it was 3 minutes



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