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  1. Default [1.2.358] New Opening Video

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    I'll let you guys munch on that while I look to see if there are any other goodies.

    I can't help it that the screen looks scrunched. That's just how it was distributed to me.

    - Sair bullet capacity increased from 1200 to 3200
    - Many of the new equips with this patch got a makeover. Check it out after refreshing your cache on that page.

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    99% composed of recycled images and animations. Cool.

  3. Default

    Aspect ratio for the win.

  4. Default

    Uploaded a better quality version... but why did it double like that...

  5. Lazy Mathematician Female
    IGN: MsJudith
    Server: Windia
    Level: 130
    Job: aran
    Guild: n/a
    Alliance: n/a


    3200 bullets <3

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    Not sure how I feel about the new look. I kind of liked the old fur-lined "we killed a lot of endangered animals" style they had going. Unless I'm looking at something different.

  7. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Skyshooter1
    Server: Alexina
    Level: 981
    Job: Green boy
    Guild: Blasphamy


    KMS Nexon must be getting their jollys from making recycled videos of victoria island blowing up.

    Geez.... Why can't they just do it already!



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    3200 bullets is acceptable. Really do not like carrying around more than 8 slots of bullets.

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    So who else is thinking that the equip images they used to have are going to be for the Lv140 sets?

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    Sweet 3200 base amount per set for lv 130 bullets.. 1200 for 2 attack more was just not worth it IMO..

    Is it just me or do the lv 130 sets look exactly the same for all jobs except glove & shoe? >.> same with the lv 70 sets... liked the way they looked previous patch more D:

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    The new one looks like Aran's old armour; the one Aran was wearing in the flashback at the start of the game.

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    In this update,
    Adventurers dont need Dark Crystal ores to job advance anymore
    you can now scroll andorid parts (how do they even work?)
    and the bug where potential system applied to even equipment without upgrades (like kyo said, getting potential while making the item) is now fixed

    therefore no potential on no upgrade items such as shoulder equipment what so ever
    not too sure about rings tho

    Credits to Amelia in ElinForest

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    Credits to Amelia in ElinForest again

    After the first patch you can get the following items, once again.

    Adventurers Cruel/Critical/Magical Ring (the same as original)[adventurers]
    Onyx Dragon Glasses (+3 all stat/ +3 w.att and m.att) [evan]
    Blood Mask (+3 all stat/ +3 w.att and m.att) [dualblade]
    Holy Wing Earrings (+3 all stat/ +3 w.att and m.att) [knights of cygnus]
    Resistance Lux Ring (+3 all stat/ +3 w.att and m.att) [resistance]
    Lilins Aura Ring (+3 all stat/ +3 w.att and m.att) [aran]

    you get the items by raising the levels of different jobs by 40.
    for example, if you have a level 53 Evan, you need to get it to 93 until the 31st of January to get the onyx dragon glasses.
    however, you can only start these quests at level 40, thus if you make an aran the moment they come out, you would need to get it to level 80 to obtain the lilins aura ring.

    none of the new items have upgrade slots.
    Its tradable thru storage.

    Edit: None of the rings stack anymore
    Last edited by SEAmapler; 2010-12-14 at 06:23 PM.

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    I am guessing you can only choose one of those item? Be great if you got all of them. lol

  15. Default

    What do you mean they don't have slots? What use is Evan Glasses without slots?

    And, these Adventurer rings stack with the OLD adventurer rings meaning you can wear 2?

  16. Default

    Re-read my post again.
    The format is : Equip name, stats, class/grp which can get it

    1) I guess that you get +3 All Stats, +3 W.att and M.att Onyx Dragon Glasses immediately
    2) Yes, you can wear two of them, 1 nerfed and 1 new

  17. I post a lot Bi Male
    IGN: ZesseiBijin
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 204
    Job: Kanna
    Guild: NEST
    Farm: Razmosia


    ...Say what?
    (Do want, badly)

  18. Deluxe Refrigerator
    IGN: Akusaria
    Server: Windia
    Level: 15x
    Job: Bowmaster
    Guild: Nuclear
    Alliance: NuclearHonor


    Hah, good thing I already made a Wind Archer that's just sitting there at 4x right now.

    Really interested in the glasses and blood mask too... But chances are I'll only have enough time to think about getting the earrings, another crit ring, and glasses.

  19. Default

    . Anyways, leveling from 40-80 is a breeze post BB, so im sure you can get all of them before the event expires



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