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    All that I know is what the data tells me. Unfortunately, it gives me a rather incomplete picture. I know many of you have read about this patch, so I will need your help here to fill in the gaps of what the data does not tell me explicitly.

    Stat Window

    Character Animations

    Production Skill

    Charisma EXP

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    Odd... wonder why there's no animations for the foraging jobs (herbalist / miner)

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    Can't wait to know more about this!
    Do you know if there's any skill animation for those, Fiel?

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    Because they use already defined animations - swinging weapons, etc.

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    For collection, yes. But since those jobs can also forge plates/gems/vials of plant oil/whatever, I'm curious about the lack of animations for those actions.

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    This seems sooooooo exciting!!!!

    Since you are limited to 2 skills, 3 are production and 2 are gathering, you have to rely on others to craft the things you want. I can see this as being a not bad way to make money for people that don't have luck/don't want to merchant. I am glad they are adding the charisma exp to mini-boses. After the last patch, killing them is not really worth it because of the huge hp and damage reduction now I have a reason to hunt them to lvl those craft skills.

    Hands is gone.
    The pictures, in order, I believe it are:

    After the circle comes:
    Herb Gathering
    (Herb gathering equip)
    (Mining equip)
    Equip production
    Accessory production

    So it seems like you have to lvl your different stats and lvl your skills.

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    Yes, that was the Hands stat they removed.

    For the new stats, are those English words explicitly stated somewhere in the game or data, or is that just based off translations?

    As for "alchemizing" in specific maps, the patch notes stated that to perform equipment manufacturing, you're required to do so in the Profession Master's map.

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    I wonder if crafting is similar to wonderking in that it has a crafting "level/mastery" that when higher you can make items with better stats than the default options.

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    Maker, wtp is that?

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    This is how I thought Maker would/should have been from te start. So has Make been removed or modified yet?


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