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  1. Default Southperry Market is LIVE!

    You should now see the Market tab on your screen, assuming you're a registered user and not a stinky lurker dwelling on the fringe of society (Join us, we bathe!).

    1. The Market tab is experimental. It may have issues, it may hiccup and eat your family. It may regurgitate small children and myriad woodland critters. Use at your own use risk. Reasonable attempts will be made to fix anything it does but if it goes on a murderous rampage, steals your credit card and buys a yacht and then sails away to Aruba without me you may have to settle for a "Sorry".
    2. Because of #1 features/options may appear/disappear or cease functioning sporadically while being worked on.
    3. I've had to rewrite a lot of it because I suspect the author was a lemur on crack. The bits I was able to test now work. No earthly idea if the most basic function, charging $$$, actually works because it violates the TOS to charge money to myself but the test api seemed OK. If you buy karma, get charged, but don't see any points PM me.

    Now on to the important stuff - Operating the bloody thing.
    • Two flavors of points, Karma and SPP (Southperry Points, duh). The first you buy, the second you will be able to earn through various in forum events and activities slated to begin in 2011 (FYI some of those events will come with a choice of SPP or NX).
    • To charge karma click on the very large "Purchase some Karma" link on the "Your Information" section. Do not close the browser window before Paypal finishes sending you back to Southperry or you will NOT get credit for your purchase
    • To see how much you've purchased in the past click on the numeric indicator of your current karma in "Your Information" section.
    • To see your purchase history click on the numeric indicator of your total purchases in the "Your Information" section.
    • To donate Karma (not, SPP) to another user you may use the "Other users" category.
    • For items that a refund is available on you may click the Yes on the item screen where it says "Item Refundable: Yes" to initiate a refund. This may lose you some of the points you spent as a forfeit. Time limit to request a refund is 24 hours. This is the only way to turn off a purchased feature at this time and it may not quite work. Some features will appear to still be active for a while after refunding due to caching. Others may just outright ignore the fact you got a refund and continue working anyway. Needs more testing.

    That said, knock yourselves out.
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  2. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
    Corn's Avatar [Jr. Event Coordinator]

    IGN: ClawofBeta
    Server: LoL.NA
    Level: 30
    Job: Bot Lane
    Guild: N/A
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  3. Default

    Preety amazing eos, just would be nice to know how exactly one gains karma, seeing as I allready have some.

    Besides buying of course.

    edit: nvm, they disapeared.

    Also, since donators have a red username, can we get a name color refund?

  4. Default

    I charged
    I go to buy user title glow

    i die a little inside...

  5. Default

    Leftover feature from the point system Fiel had installed. Everyone was reset to 0 a moment ago.

    Nope. For right now your existing donor package is what you've already spent. The colored title is just a default feature of being in the Donator class you're in.

  6. Default

    Was this after I charged Karma?

  7. Default

    Trying to figure that out now actually.
    Cause it either didn't work, or yes.

  8. Default

    There's no way to preview your username if you wish to change its color/glow? :S I guess you would have to refund it a lot if you wish to get a good match. lolol

  9. Default

    I wanted to be the first sucker XD

  10. Default

    @Zelkova - you can always use Stealth Donor.

  11. Default

    I can't wait to see what it looks like. :3

    What color are you getting, Keith?

  12. Default

    Contemplating Dark Red and Blue. o.o

  13. Default

    Didn't succeed at that.

    352751289961784ucash 550000Solarboy2010-11-16 21:42:40
    463901289961850ucash 550000yeahsureokuhhuh2010-11-16 21:43:46
    555551289961960ucash 10100000Zelkova2010-11-16 21:45:36
    62591289962233ucash 550000Darkmaniak2010-11-16 21:50:09
    75351289962576ucash 550000JoeTang2010-11-16 21:55:52

    Doesn't look like it's successfully setting the amounts even though it's logging them.

    The confirmed = 0 bit concerns me. Then again out of the ones in that list only yours has actually triggered a paypal verification email.

  14. Default

    I didnt succeed. Damn...

    Also, user title glow kills donor red o.o

    Yeah I got a paypal email, my phone beeped XD

  15. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
    Corn's Avatar [Jr. Event Coordinator]

    IGN: ClawofBeta
    Server: LoL.NA
    Level: 30
    Job: Bot Lane
    Guild: N/A
    Alliance: N/A


    Ewww, that looks ugly.

  16. Default

    Are a lot of you trying the charge but not actually doing it? Because paypal isn't showing any of the attempts but Zelkova's even though the log is going haywire with attempts.

  17. Default

    Awww, I saw that the buy with SPP option wasn't greyed out and thought I could get free gold donor status. I need me 1500 PM limit for no real reason!

  18. Default

    I wasnt the first to charge, but I was the first to break things. I WIN!?!

  19. Default

    You werent the first to attempt to charge, but were the first to actually charge.

    Now I just have to figure out why it failed to credit you.



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