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  1. Default [1.2.350] Greece BGM / Adjustments

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    Please see the Greece module for the most up-to-date information regarding this addition.

    The Greece BGMs are now available:
    - KreaseAgit.mp3
    - KreaseColosseum.mp3
    - KreaseField.mp3

    All of the weapons from this PQ are now tradeblocked and require a regular Scissors of Karma to trade.

  2. Default

    Ugh, why? It's not like the equips are special or anything, so what is the point in doing that? Seriously.

    Music is sweet though.

  3. Default

    More profit for Nexon, thats always the purpose

    I really like the music. If only this wasn't another lvl 5x area.

  4. Mercury
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    It's the same reason that the mushroom castle's equipment require karma. This music is quite good though.

  5. Default

    I read that the dev team from the now-defunct TENVI were merged into Maple dev team and they brought their pomegranatety ideas that brought their game down into Maplestory. Hearsay though :\

  6. Default

    It's just like the BGM PowerStation from the Leben Mines. No idea why.

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  8. Default

    BGMs are awesome, as always.

  9. Default

    Can you elaborate on this?

  10. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Skyshooter1
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    For a second, I thought nexon was going to make another henesy soundtrack european style, but I like this waaaay better.

    If you've played Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicals for the Gamecube, the music sounds like it's just like bgm from that.

  11. Default

    I know that probably nobody noticed it, but since I always listen to the BGMs accurately, I noticed that the KreaseAgit BGM has some clicks of the same kind of those which can be listened in the PowerStation BGM of Leben Mine.

    You can hear them around 0:28 and 0:33 if you listen carefully.

    This is the Edesltein BGMs video to compare.

    In this one, you'll hear them at around 4:53, 4:56 and several at 5:04.

    As you can hear, they're both the same kind of clicks. They sound like when you browse through folders on Windows. I wonder what caused them. and WHAT software would they use to make them.

    Could it be a mistake of the person who made them, who recorded computer clicks while making the BGM, or what?

    It shall remain a mystery.

  12. Default

    I only played the 2 DS games, but it does sound really FFCC like. I like it. The random clicks are weird though. But I don't care since most of the BGM Nexon Korea made lately is amazing.

    EDIT: Heard some Crimsonwood Keep style things in KreaseColosseum. Awesome.

  13. Default

    Well to be 100% honest I think in the Power Station the clicks actually are sorta fitting. Not in the Krease BGM though.

  14. Default

    I highly doubt that any of them were intentional, though.

  15. Default

    I knew it for a long time.

  16. Default

    Then tell me how the RANDOM (they only happen at random times) clicks in PowerStation and KreaseAgit make sense.

    I think they didn't even notice it when they checked. They most likely don't do thorough "testing" for BGMs.

    Anyways, even if I know that Nexon America is highly unlikely to fix that, as they shouldn't work with BGMs, I'll report the PowerStation one if I get on Tespia for Big Bang. At least there's a hope they'll forward the report to the Nexon Korea developers to make them 'fix' that. I doubt they will care, though (and they wouldn't be that wrong). There are more important things to repair in the game, and there will be even more with Big Bang.

  17. Default

    It's for effect.



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