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    Available Here.

    Rules/Purpose here.

    Be absolutely clear before you enter that this forum is not an extension of the funhouse.
    You all play nicely and by the rules or you go home.

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    Question. Will the old mafia games be moved there from The Shady Tree, or will only new ones go there?

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    There's no point moving things that are done.

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    Probably not but worth a shot; couldn't that go under Arts & Entertainment? It's kind of gaudy down at the bottom. Plus I don't think visitors can see it (unless that was your intention in placing it there) and that might give them some incentive to join. Honestly doesn't matter to me because I'll probably block it but yeah, just a couple thoughts.

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    Okay, just wondering.

    I have to agree with this. Of course after seeing the same four boards down there for over 2 years maybe it's just a habit that it looks weird to me. (And you I guess.)

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    It's an active form of socializing, not a discussion on A&E.
    Also, it's not visible to non members, like the rest of the social section.

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    Aw, damn, I'll miss bringing up my post count from posts in Mafia threads .

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    Who says Mafia games has to be put into Forum Games? There is no rule either way saying which section they get put in. *Waits for that rule to be made*

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    If you insist on everything being made into a rule so you don't have to think for yourself you can't complain about being micromanaged when I have rules on how many characters you can type per sentence and how many sentence per paragraph and the degree of indention you're allowed to use and the acceptable posting color policy and the number of posts per hour policy and the post per day policy and the images per post policy and the post vocabulary policy and the post seriousness policy...



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