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  1. Default Figuring out WDEF

    Here's the formula. I'm still trying to figure out the variables:



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    At a guess, a5 in the first equation is the random component, so v5 is effectively "def mastery" in some sense. I haven't worked out exactly what sort of values it'll have yet.

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    No, I think the random component is taken care of in the _adjust_mob_damamge (sic) function.

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    I mean in player def. In the old system, you have (0.5,0.6)*def as well as the 94%~ mastery on the mob's damage itself. It's not quite structured the same though, hmm. Gotta run through this with some numbers to see what it actually does.

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    Speaking of the old system, I can pull up that data as well.

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    Okay, I've done some further study and found an interesting result:

    On very high damage monsters, defense becomes percentage based - roughly half the square root of the defense (as a percent) is used instead of straight up 0.25*def. It basically chooses the best of the 2, in terms of reduction amount.

    If you have 400 def for example, you end up with 10% or 100 reduced, whichever is bigger.

    a5 is added to the percentage based def reduction - so it only affects damage taken on mobs with higher damage. It's basically another percentage - a value of 200 in a5 means +200% to the percentage based reduction (to 30% in the above example)

    I don't know, maybe it is coming from Shield Mastery? If so, PDD around 4500 would be enough to reduce all damage to 1...

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    So based on what you say, Stereo, lets see if I got this right..

    10,000 defense
    20,000 damage

    Square Root of 10,000 = 100, 100/2 = 50 --> 50%
    10,000 Defense x 25% = 2,500

    --> damage reduction of 50% = 10,000 damage reduced vs 2,500 damage reduced = it would be reduced by 10,000 damage since it's the larger amount? You would receive 10,000 damage?

    EDIT: lol, think I found a miscalc... fixed

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    Yeah, it works like that.

    You do lose 2% per level below the mob though, so it'll do more damage. But you really can't hit it anyway.

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    PDD has a constraint of [0, 30000]
    Mob damage has a constraint of [1, 999999]

    I threw this at a C compiler btw.

    So, calculating defense of 30000 and 999999 damage yields the following:


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    Looks the same as what I got, except I used an excel spreadsheet so I can see directly what the code is doing line by line. For short code it seems to be a decent method, though I cheated a little on the if statements.

    Kudos to Nexon for making defense actually useful I guess - on something with 25k damage my Paladin will only take ~16k due to wdef alone.

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    I'm coding a calculator like my other ones. I should have it up and ready in a little bit.

    EDIT: As a rule of thumb, if you want a mob to do 1 damage to you, you need to have 4x the mob's attack value.

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    If you can figure out where a5 came from, it might have an upper bound under 30000 wdef (rather than the impossible 40000 wdef with a5=0) - say you could get a5=150, then you'd only need 6400 wdef to be invincible. For that matter, with a5=17 30000 def would be the same.

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    Where are you getting that value from? 6400?

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    {[1/(a5+100)*10000]*2}^2 = def

    It's basically the equation backwards, with the goal being v11=0, which in turn means v5 = 100, so (PDD*.25)^.5*(1+a5/100) = 100

    Since a5 is for some reason a whole number percentage, instead of a decimal fraction, it introduces a lot of extra *100 factors in the equation.

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    You're making a lot of assumptions about a5.

    If it means anything, the avoid and hit rate formula also has sections which look like a5. I edited them out since they don't seem to apply to regular players or only apply in very specific scenarios.

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    Calculator appears to be non-functional :/


    var v11 = (100 - pddSqrt) * mobAttack * 0.01;

    Does this mean with 40,000 defense, nothing will hit you for more than 1 damage? Forgot about the cap.

    a5 appears to be nothing more than a % increase to wdef, probably coming from skills like Shield Mastery or equips with +% wdef.

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    Dusk, no. If you look further up in the formula the defense is first multiplied by 0.25. So the maximum defense is technically 7500 (30000 * 0.25). The square root of this is about 86%.

    The calculator should be fixed. Refresh.

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    So I was looking at the wdef formula

    WDEF = STR * 1.2 + (DEX + LUK) * 0.5 + INT * 0.4 + [def from equips]?

    How about def from equips? that should just be added in after right?

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    Correct. That formula is for base WDEF.

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    Figured as much. Thanks for the clarification.



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