Okay, trying to learn more OOP design patterns.

Here's what's up with this one after the pre-writing I did:

I have separate INI files. Within each INI file contains sections, and each section is a template.

For example, in Mob.ini, it looks like this:

0: {[img]%s[/img]|GetImageURL}
1: {[b][u]%s[/u][/b]|GetName}
A CTemplateEngine renders the templates. With the instance is created, the type of thing that will be rendered (A skill? An item? A mob?) and the template within the INI file is sent. Like so:

mobTemplate = CTemplateEngine("Mob", "StandardTemplate")
From here, CTemplateEngine instances and calls another class which returns an object based upon the first parameter passed. So it will return a Mob object to the CTemplateEngine class. This object remains private.

Then the mobTemplate is told the list of mobs to parse

mobTemplate.listToParse = [100100] #Parse a Green Snail
After this is called, CTemplateEngine blindly calls the methods listed in the template to the mob object. CTemplateEngine then throws the filled data on the screen.

So I'm guessing this is a Factory Pattern?