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  1. Default Ultimate Skill Tables

    It's with much fanfare that I bring to you the newest addition to the site - the Ultimate Skill Tables! These skill tables are located just below the "Extractions" board and, at the moment, contains all of the skill tables for all adventurer classes.

    To read a FAQ and to get started with the skill tables, please see the [jobid=main]main thread for the Ultimate Skill Tables[/jobid].

    ---- New BBCode ---

    To make sure that these skill tables work smoothly, I have introduced a new BBCode - [jobid]. To use the BBCode, you must know the JobID for each class in Maplestory. The JobID is listed in the topic title for each topic. So, if you wanted to link to the thread "[522] Corsair", you would use the following BBCode:


    The BBCode links you to a script which redirects you to the correct topic. Your link is always guaranteed to be a solid link, because I determine the redirect code. So for you people that write guides where a permanent link is better than a link which might change (if I decide to restructure the tables), it's best to use the jobid tag.

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    It's like a dream come true.

    Thanks Fiel.

  3. Default

    That's freaking awesome. Good work, Fiel.

  4. Default

    Can't be closer to how I feel.
    Brb I have to fap to this.

    EDIT: Just for perfect clarity, these tables are not extracted from our v085 gMS data, correct? I suggest you should include the updates done to it (just for reference purpose, much like the whole idea behind all this project), since it won't be kept up-to-date forever.

  5. Default

    LOL I thought you were posting about skill tables just for Mages/Bish Ultimates.

  6. Eos Scammed Me. Bi Male
    IGN: Ryninagha
    Server: Windia
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    Job: Dark Knight
    Guild: EmoCorner
    Alliance: EmoNight


    Very nice. I assume it's safe to say the site won't be shut down tomorrow then since you continue to put new features out for the forum :3

  7. In my dreams... Gay Male
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 215
    Job: Hoyoung
    Alliance: KATYPERRY


    Great work, Fiel. I'm glad you figured out how to deal with jobids.

  8. Neon Atom
    IGN: MagicsBISH/BOW
    Server: Bera
    Level: 200
    Guild: Destiny and Inspired


    well done, very nice thanks



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