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Thread: [In Progress] Return of the Explorers Event!

  1. Default Return of the Explorers Event!

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    About time we get another "gacha-type" box event that doesn't require NX.

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    So... what's the fastest explorer to get to 50? I was thinking of a gunslinger for fun but it might be hard/slow.

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    I see nothing about account-tradability on those rings.

    *crosses fingers*

  5. Deluxe Refrigerator
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    WOOOOWWWW. @_@

    So it looks like they're keeping the ring event the same as it was in KMS. I was fearing that they'd turn it into some cash-related thing and move the level requirement up.

    (I'm thinking about making four characters for the rings, unless the rings are account storage-tradable multiple times)

    I'm thinking Gunslingers will be rather quick to level after this patch, along with the obvious warriors and Infighters. I'm probably going to go Page, Crossbowman, Bandit or Infighter, and Gunslinger.

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    I hope those level 20/30 gears are tradeable, I kinda want the Purple Mail on my Paladin :x

    And I think the boxes will require NX... or they're not listing all the potion rewards you can get.

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    Glad they kept adventurer rings the same.

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    looks to be a nice event this time around. how fast do sins level? i was thinking about making one for the ring since i already have a maple claw and kandayo.

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    Gunslingers level at first, but I'm not sure now with the explorer update.

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    Haha, watch them screw up and put the quests as "all adventurers over lv 50 get a ring" As if it was an Evan or that... FREE RINGS EVERYONE.

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    LF> next patch. 5 days seems too far away :[. I don't see anything about having to start a completely new adventurer but I'm assuming that's still the case. If not.. lawls.

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    This would be nice. Why should I make a new character if I already have an adventurer in its 4th job? I've gone through the levels already, I shouldn't have to make a new one for the benefit that new adventurers get.

    And why the hell do they keep calling us Explorers?

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    There are quest chains that'll put you to level 40 without needing to grind too much.
    - (maple island quests are pretty much push button receive level, so level 10 is no trouble)
    - Episode 1 (10-25~, then a bit later on)
    - Mushroom Kingdom (25-32)
    - Ariant storyline (28-35)
    - Kerning Square (35-39)

    Did these on my Gunslinger, along with a couple other quests that I just passed through, and I never trained without being working on one quest or another. 30 Evil Eye Eyeballs and Wild Boar Leather is the closest you get to grind. With the no minimum range, Kerning Square will be a lot easier, and Double Shot's extra damage can't hurt.

    For what it's worth, my opinion of first job/early 2nd job right now, just for ease of questing, leveling etc.
    1) Claw thief (when taking advantage of Blessing and minor funding, anyway - with more funding, atk gear & real stars, no doubt it is the best)
    2) Warrior
    3) Magician (Warrior and Magician are different, but both better at some things)
    4) Pirate
    5) Bowman
    6) Dagger thief

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    If that's the case, I can easily have two rings... Well, one of them, 3 levels away :p

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    I have no more words.

  16. Deluxe Refrigerator
    IGN: Akusaria
    Server: Windia
    Level: 15x
    Job: Bowmaster
    Guild: Nuclear
    Alliance: NuclearHonor


    It looks like it's been updated. I now see this at the bottom:

    But hold on! There's more!
    Maple Admin NPC is celebrating the return of Explorers too and she'd like to give a prize to all Maplers. When you log out, you'll get a chance to receive a totally random prize!

    I assume that when they say 'when you log out', they really mean 'when you log in'.

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    Buckets. I came them.

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    Because we are Explorers of the Maple World.



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