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  1. Default [1.2.314] Speculation Time!

    Okay, if you look at the picture representing "The Resistance" in the job selection screen, you will only see the shadows of two characters:

    However, elsewhere in the quest data they also added jobIDs for the Mechanic class (3500). And yet the Resistance only has two types of characters.


    So what's going to become of the Mechanic class? It was assumed that there would be three resistance classes. Is it that the Mechanic class is not done and will be added later, or is it that the Mechanic will become another "Limited time only!" class? Perhaps the creation of the Dual Blade and its success has taught Nexon that limited time classes are better for their bottom line.
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    Ugh. I hope not, but knowing Nexon and their money hunger, they'll most likely make it that way.

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    I was going to ask about that in one of the other threads, I noticed about how only the mage and the crossbow dude was in that picture and wasn't there other jobs that were supposed to be released.

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    I'll say what i said before. I think they were with the Black magician, but they rebelled and created a resistance. They realized that there were the Advs/Cygn/legends and they join forces with us.

    I think the mechanic and whatever other jobs of the resistance will be released later like pirates for adventurers.

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    Mabye the mechanic class is still working with the black magician? I think it'd be cool if
    they came out with something that the "resistance" actively is against, like a cowboys and
    indians type of thing with classes.

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    Maybe the mechanic will become a branch job/set of skills that either job can take something from.

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    Mechanic is a 3rd branch of pirate adventurers.

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    I bet this is the Black Magician related class that Nexon was talking about :>

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    According to the class code, it's not. lol

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    That's what the job ID says.

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    The battle mage has spurs on his/her boots holy sh'it badass.

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    I kinda confused...Is the battle Mage already out in Tespia? I was just watching some game play of it...So they brought out a job before bring out thr Mechanic job? o.o

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    That's correct. Many of the skills which we associated with the Mechanic were actually with the Battlemage and Wild Hunter skills.

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    Pretty much, yes. =/

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    battle mage image has a pimp hat outline :P

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    So...that Mechanic job will not even have some of the skills and must of us just assumed that was a new job?...And Mechanic job might not even be real? o.o

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    Here's my guess. The mage looks like one of those lego dudes in ludi (I'm not the only one that thinks that right...?)

    I can't wait to see what they really are!

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    at the picture:

    battle mage-male

    wild hunter-female

    my gusses

    also agree on this being a black mage class
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    Ludi Mage and Escaped Space Convict? Awesome.
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    Any word on how to obtain that Critical Beginner Skill that's on Insoya? Is it even in the data?



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