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    1. Why bother creating skill tables? Other places like Hidden-street have the same information.
    This is not true. What hidden-street and other database sites have is a level by level readout of what it shows in the skill description. These skill tables are much different because they read directly from the skill data and not the description. The skill descriptions in Maplestory are notoriously wrong (Meso Guard has had an incorrect skill description for years, same with Rush). Maplestory pulls values from locations stored in the data, and I use these values to create these skill tables. The good thing about creating tables like this is that they are always accurate with what's happening the game. If only the same could be said for the skill descriptions!

    I also wanted to create skill tables so that users have one place they can always go to find skill information. In the past, skill tables were scattered all around the forum and took up space that could be used for other stickies.

    2. I found a mistake.
    Please post in the Errors & Corrections thread.

    3. Anything planned for the future?
    Yes! Lots of stuff planned for the future:

    - Adding Cygnus/Aran/Evan/Dual Blade
    - Adding formulas for skills
    - Adding skillbook, storybook, and mastery guide locations pulled from monsterbook data

    4. What's the best way to link to these tables?
    On, you can use the [jobid][/jobid] tags, like so:


    The Job IDs are located in the thread title for each class.

    5. What does a chinchilla emote mean in the skill tables?
    Occasionally you'll see the chin emote when there is a mistake in the tables that I'm aware of. Furthermore, the mistake is not due to my error but from an error on Nexon's part. I need this emote so people don't constantly remind me of the errors in the skill tables that I can't do anything about.
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