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  1. Default Leprechaun is bugged

    Credit to Isaac and Mira for pointing this out

    Level: 45
    HP: 2800
    EXP: 135
    Physical Attack: 135
    Physical Defense: 150
    Magic Defense: 160
    Avoid: 20

    Skills: Stun
    Elements: weak to holy, immune to ice


    This guy is going to kick your ass after Nexon realizes why he's bugged.

    Has anyone wondered why Leprechauns don't stun you? Well, their skill costs MP to cast and Leprechauns have no MP so nothing gets cast.

    Here's the bad part, the skill stuns you for 3 seconds at a 60% rate with a huge hitbox. And, if you manage to be unluckily close to him, his attack does 1000 Physical Attack. That's a little bit higher than the touch damage from Zakum 1st Body.

    This is a guy you won't want to mess with once Nexon raises his max MP. Watch out.

    EDIT: Sorry if I misled you, but the attack and stun moves are separate.

    Here's what his stunning move looks like (and it can ONLY stun. No damage)

    And here's his attacking move (Only damage, no stun)

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    Interesting <3
    So,on level 9x,how much a Zakum Body will hit?o.o


  3. Default

    Hm 10k damage eh...

  4. Default

    Thank god I finished that quest...

  5. Default

    This is supposedly about 7,000 damage.

    Well, I guess that explains how Lita got pwned by it. :p

  6. Default

    I second that, I knew something was wrong with that guys, they where too easy.

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    Oh,ty =)

    Well,i never knew,since i got no Touch damage from my last zrun o.o

    But,someone got killed by it ingame?._.

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    Well, the hitbox is 600 x 240 (300 pixels to each side of the Lep, 120 down and 120 up). You'd have to be at the edge of a screen not to be affected by his skill. It's only if you're too close to a leprechaun that you'll get hit by the damage, methinks.

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    Nah, now you just need to spend more money on ap resets hp washing =)

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    I hope..but that makes no difference for me..I'm a DK,but i always kill that leprechauns with Fury,since its faster...=)

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    So I should quickly do the quest before its glitched?
    (Which maps?)

    Thanks for the notification, that's pretty... interesting.

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    Creeping Evil or Forgotten Path are the best maps from what I've heard. I did mine at Creeping Evil just standing in between the spawn of the 2 on the right and killing both.

  13. Default


  14. Default

    Yup, that's exactly it, Tamekii.

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    Wow >_>

    I'm glad Nexon messed this monster up...or that quest would not have been near as easy.

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    Finished the quest, but wow that's like one of the best places to farm mesos now, if Nexon realises there mistake it's gonna suck bad -.-

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    Just like Bigfoot Lol.

  18. Default

    If I ever become a GM for Nexon, I'll spawn a few hundred of those suckers in the FM. >:]
    Give them a little extra HP, and I think I'll burn a good hour. :D

    Anyways, holy snapple! I'd say Ranged characters get the short end, since they have low HP, and don't really have the option of bumping into him to avoid damage. Instead, they have to stay on the other end of the screen. XD

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    Fiel, do we need to wait for a patch for the bugg to be fixed or it could be fixed with a SC?



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