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  1. Default Forum filter & donations functioning

    Figured out the problem with forum ignore. It was due to a template engine that worked with vB3 but did not work with vB4. The one for vB4 is much easier to work with. Thank you Jelsoft!

    Anyway, please check to make sure it works and let me know if you can see any forums you don't think you should be able to see. :)

    To use Forum Ignore:

    Settings --> Forum Settings (left side) --> Scroll to bottom


    Donations should be working now. As a reminder all donations go through Isaac, not me. You'll need to check in with him for all donor related requests.

  2. Default

    When I click "View Post" of someone I've blocked, the reply number to the right is "#0" until I reload the page. Rather lulz.



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