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Thread: [In Progress] Meso Bags Sale

  1. Default Meso Bags Sale

  2. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    "Everyone can use a little extra dough around the holidays."

    What if you don't have a little extra dough in real life?

  3. Sassy Stranger Male
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    MTS will always beat Meso Bags, sorry Nexon.

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    I believe the official Nexon ticketing system response for this question is:

  5. Default

    "Shut up and give me your money, dweeb!"

    LOL, 'Nuff said.

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    Meh, i wish all these cash shop stuff where after Christmas, i'll get s a bit of money from gift, but mostly for working way more during the school break then i can right now.

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    What the hell, we don't need even more mesos in the freaking economy. NX is already over 10:1, we need some meso sinks.

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    "Everyone can use a little extra dough around the holidays, even in Maple World."
    *bashes head into wall*

    Does Nexon understand anything about economics?

    What Nexon should do is make a lot of CS Sales- that cost NX. Use a high ratio, like 15m Meso:1k NX or something. Since Nexon needs to profit, introduce meso bags/epic CS deals after deflation starts to get out of hand.

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    Do people actually buy these? Even MTS is far more worth the profit.
    I recall that they were brought in for the first time as a "limited time offer", and they brought it back by apparently "popular demand".

    To answer PirateIzzy's question: the mysterious people behind this demand are:

    People who wear crappy mismatching clothes and the other is either Princess Fiona from Shrek or green people.
    That's right: these people are the reason behind who buys Meso Bags. I would have never guessed.

    EDIT: Cool, 200th post.

  10. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Supposedly the donation medals and increased taxes were to take care of that. I heard someone in Bellocan who donated a billion just for the Aqua Road medal. If that isn't a meso sink then I don't know what is.

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    And I'd like to point out that even the Maplers in this image are mad that these things are there. I don't know who buys them, I really don't.
    Last edited by Spideyjvc; 2009-11-17 at 05:22 PM.

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    Nexon does this to "compete" with the Meso sellers.

  13. Default

    Yeah, but they're doing a s'hitty job at it.

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    Do you really want them to do what it will take to "win" that?

    In order to win they have to sell mesos for cheaper than anyone could ever hope to farm them at a profit.

    If you think it's bad now, imagine 10m mesos for a 1k NX.

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    Actually, the quote's mine, not LeGourmand's. Anyways, I took it they were thinking: DO WANT and wanting to charge in, but I see how you can take it another way. Nexon seems to be fond of this new "hastily scrapped together event banners in MS paint" idea- who recalls the Fake Boss one with bosses with really whacked up sizes and looked pixelated? I'll dig into Nexon's Events to find it now, I'll come to edit this point again.

    EDIT: Found it.

    Yes, and apparently a Blue Mushroom is among the Fake Bosses.
    Last edited by Smooth Criminal; 2009-11-17 at 05:38 PM.

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    Even if they sell it for the 1k: 10m ratio, it will most likely make the price of NX skyrocket, so it probably wouldn't be good anyway.

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    I think that was their idea of "jaw dropping in surprise"

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    More inflation? o_o

    get rid of MTS crap tax and i'll be happy with all the meso bags you want to put back into the economy...



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