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  1. Default Locations of all turkeys

    Victoria Road : The Hill East of Henesys
    Victoria Road : The Rain-Forest East of Henesys
    Mini Dungeon : Henesys Pig Farm
    Victoria Road : The Forest South of Ellinia
    Victoria Road : The Forest of Wisdom
    Victoria Road : The Field Up North of Ellinia
    Victoria Road : The Tree That Grew I
    Victoria Road : The Forest North of Ellinia
    Victoria Road : East Domain of Perion
    Victoria Road : Rocky Road III
    Victoria Road : Rocky Road II
    Victoria Road : Rocky Road I
    Victoria Road : West Street Corner of Perion
    Victoria Road : Construction Site North of Kerning City
    Victoria Road : Sunset Sky
    Victoria Road : Kerning City Construction Site
    Victoria Road : Forest West of Henesys
    Victoria Road : A Hill West of Henesys
    Victoria Road : Henesys Hunting Ground II
    Victoria Road : Henesys Hunting Ground III
    Mini Dungeon : Golem's Castle Ruins
    Mini Dungeon : Cave of Mushrooms
    Mini Dungeon : Drake's Blue Cave
    Orbis : Cloud Park II
    Orbis : Strolling Path
    Orbis : Cloud Park III
    Orbis : Cloud Park IV
    Mini Dungeon : Drummer Bunny's Lair
    Mini Dungeon : The Round Table of Kentaurus
    Mini Dungeon : The Restoring Memory
    Mini Dungeon : Newt Secured Zone
    Mini Dungeon : Pillage of Treasure Island
    Mini Dungeon : Hill of Sandstorms
    Hidden Street : Critical Error
    Malaysia : Longest Ride on ByeBye Station

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    Why do they all need to be in the Mini Dungeons. Worst idea EVER

  3. Default

    Does it take away some of the skele spawn or just adds on to the skele spawn. o.o

  4. Default

    Seperate spawns. Skeles still spawn in the same spots. Or should.

  5. Default

    Specific mob count goes down if you're trying to spam ultimates or w/e if you have turkeys clogging up the map though.

  6. Sassy Stranger Male
    IGN: SlayerZach
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    Hmm, this is quite helpful. How about the number of Turkeys per map?

  7. Water
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    Normally I don't come on here to rant, but these turkeys are pissing me off.

    I went to the Newt Secured Zone to kill some time training, and noticed within a couple of minutes that the two newties on the middle platform weren't spawning like normal. After walking around on the map, I found the bottom level with more than 10 turkeys. After killing those turkeys, the newties spawned again, but soon, the turkeys started spawning on the top platform, and in every corner possible, slowing down the newtie spawn rate again. The newtie mini-dungeon is officially useless to me for solo purposes.

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    ^ this = worse idea ever

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    I'd say about the rate of Soft or Stiff Feathers.

    EDIT: Actually while hunting at the Cave of Mushrooms they seemed to drop faster even though there were less Turkeys than where I was before.
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    Those turkeys DO slow down the spawn rate. We gotta kill them first before Skele/Newt can spawn again .....

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    What about turkey commandos??
    where do they spawn fiel?
    Nexon mentioned them in the event notice...
    but i cant seem to find em

  12. Gack ack ack ack!
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    Farm: GrowsTurds


    Thank God I train in Oblivion 4. I would scream and rage if they spawned with Chief Oblivion Guardians. But yes, having them spawn in all the mini dungeons is offically one of the worst ideas ever. Thanks for yet another pointless patch, Nexon.

  13. Default

    This is absolutely ridiculous and stupid. I don't understand why they can't just do what they did to cakes for the Anniversary event: creating a whole mini-dungeon to actually contain them in for people who actually wanted to hunt the event monsters instead of wrecking people's regular training spots. Were they just too lazy to get a simple map created; and just plastered them wherever to harass people training or get lower-leveled players killed while walking? In the past, it was just lower leveled players who had to worry about these obnoxious monsters that were difficult for them to get past; but now, they're also in our mini-dungeons ruining our training. Indeed, Nexon never seems to learn from prior mistakes, and now they just added them.

    Well, thanks Nexon; the Jr. Newtie mini-dungeon is messed up. I less than three you too.

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    They spawn on a certain date or period, check the notice again for further information.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I did it for you.

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    Any suggestions to what dungeons have a decent amount of turkeys to the map size?

    I tried the Pig mini dungeon it had about 2 that spawned at crappy intervals.

    I tried Newties, pot burn when I'm only turkey hunting the map is pretty large to just hunt turkeys to.. Skeles I'm not gonna go near.

    The Golem Mini dungeon seems to have about 3 to 4 with decent spawn i got 20 eggs in about 20 minutes so not bad odds. took me 45 mins at Newties, and I gave up after 10 mins at the pig dungeon cause I got a whole 2.



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