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  1. Default Extractions Updates & FAQ

    Welcome to the Extractions Section Updates & FAQ.


    Purpose of this thread:
    Post updates about everything related to extractions, including but not limited to:

    - Updates to my extraction engine (now named IMGReader)
    - Answering general questions regarding the WZ files (what they contain, etc.)
    - Users can make suggestions about alterations to the current extractions or new features

    Design Philosophy of Extractions:
    (1) Worse is better
    (2) "Don't make me think!" - If any part of an extraction forces the reader to think in order to comprehend what it's saying, that part of the extraction must be redone.
    (3) Compactness, readability, and skimmability are of the utmost importance.


    What programs are in your toolset?:
    Python 2.6.3
    ExamDiff Pro
    IDA Pro

    Will you help me learn Python?
    No, go away.

    Can you teach me how to unpack Maplestory?
    No, go away.

    What's in the WZ files?
    - Textual data
    - Listing of what drops what (Monsterbook data)
    - Some item and random prize information
    - Map data and layouts
    - User interface images
    - Mob information and skills
    - Skill information
    - What's in the cash shop
    - Tooltips and Mapletips
    - Maker recipes
    - Cutscenes (Aran, Cygnus, etc.)
    - Skill recommendations
    - Pets & chairs
    - All equipment in the game
    - Morphing data (HTPQ, Cody, Pirates)
    - Music & sounds

    What's not in the WZ files?
    - Which items you get from Gachapon
    - NPC scripts (Maple Administrator, Gaga, Zakum Squad)
    - Formulas
    - Prizes from cash shop items
    - Scripts on how PQs work

    attackCount - The number of times which a skill attacks.
    ar - Accuracy Rate
    ball - This is a skill which launches an animated projectile at the enemy. Common "ball" skills are fire and ice demon, Dragon Pulse, and Snipe. All "ball" skills have hitboxes.
    bulletCount - The number of projectiles that are launched per skill use. Usually bulletCount is used with skills that consume items, such as throwing stars or arrows. Note that bulletCount is different from attackCount. If you had bulletCount = 2 and attackCount = 2, you would launch two projectiles that would attack a single enemy twice each summing four total strikes.
    Delay Class - Each skill has the possibility of having a Delay Class attached to it. A Delay Class tells Maplestory how a character moves as he performs a skill. Usually the delay class is accompanied with a delay. For example "savageBlow - 840ms". The word on the left is the name of the Delay Class. The number on the right is the delay, or how long it takes to perform the skill.
    dot - Damage over Time. This is always a percentage of your maximum damage.
    dotTime - How long the damage over time lasts total.
    dotInterval - How many seconds is consumed between each tick - so every "dotInterval" seconds "dot" percentage damage is done to the enemy.
    er - Elemental Resistance
    Hitbox - This is the size of the box which a skill can strike. For example, 130% Range.
    ignoreMobpdpR - Ignore a percentage of enemy defense. If ignoreMobpdpR is 20 and the enemy's defense (PDRate) is 25, you will ignore 20% of the enemy's 25% defense. So the enemy would reduce your damage by 20% and not 25%.
    Mastery Level - The maximum level that you can reach before you need to use any mastery books. For example, if a skill has a mastery level of 10 but a maximum level of 30, you can put 10 points into the skill and then you can put no more points into the skill until you've raised your mastery level.
    Maximum Level - The absolute highest level of a skill you can reach.
    mobCount - The number of mobs which a skill attacks.
    mpCon - MP Consumption of a skill.
    Prob/Prop - Probability. This is always represented as a percentage chance.
    PvE - Player versus Environment. This means that you are attacking enemies which are controlled by the AI.
    PvP - Player versus Player. You are attacking enemies controlled by other players.
    Range - A range is how far in front of you a projectile or attack animation will show in pixels. As compared with a hitbox, a "range" skill can usually curve projectiles. Usually a "range" is represented by a cone shape in front of your character. This is also represented by a single number and not by a percentage like a hitbox - ex. "350 range".
    terR - Percentage rate to reduce negative status effects from enemies.
    u/w/y/x/z - These are usually odd variables for which the Nexon development team did not make a dedicated name. It's anyone's guess what they mean.

    PDRate/MDRate - The percentage of physical (PDRate) and magical (MDRate) defense of enemies. An enemy with 20 PDRate will reduce all of your physical attacks by 20%.
    Mob Skill - These are actions which the enemy, usually a boss, performs. Mob skills fall into five different categories - (1) Positive mob effects, (2) Positive area mob effects, (3) Negative player effects, (4) Negative area player effects, (5) Summoning. Mob skills never deal direct damage, but they can deal damage indirectly by poisoning you. These are also called "diseases".
    Mob Attack - An action which always causes direct damage to the player. Mob attacks can have hitboxes, range, mobCounts, and attackCounts. Mob Attacks can also inflict a disease.
    explosiveReward - When the enemy dies, their loot is strewn all over the screen instead of in a small heap.
    publicReward - When the enemy dies anyone and everyone can pick up its loot regardless of who dealt what damage to the enemy.
    deadlyAttack - This is a 1/1 attack. It sets your HP and MP to 1.

    Map Mark - The little logo that appears next to the minimap. A new Map Mark added to the game is usually indicative of a new area coming.
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    How do you tell?

    Anyway, good to see that you're addressing this issue.

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    The names of the images, the general layout of the information - how it's split up. Everything I do has little nuances that are very easy to pick out compared to how other people extract data.

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    its very organized
    if i may ask...
    WHAT THE pineapple ARE THESE?

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    the bottom one is from the fishing event, no idea about the others.

    Also, good job Fiel, you're making my life easier.
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    Since it was removed on Big Bang temporaly... Nope.avi

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    Second and Fourth are Fishing Event maps from Gaga, it was the summer event on KMS. They're just maps with no monsters other than fishes that jump and needs to be captured using an item Gaga gives you.
    Don't have any idea about the others, really. But they can be event maps IIRC. Since they're in the 9xx section of WZ files.

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    Wow you answered a question that was posted almost a year ago. Better late than never I guess! xD

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    wait why was it removed?

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    Too many monsters and maps changed; they're remaking it, as well.

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    there is no confirmation on this.

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    The job names are in WZ files? Begginer, Aran, Magician, Wind Archer, etc...

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    Thread updated. Gonna be keeping this updated with all updates I do to my IMGReader engine as I get them done.

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    Thought I'd at least put this here because I know there will be questions about it.

    There have been several people asking if the slots on an item is 0 slots or no slots, the difference being that 0 slots can be potentialed and no slots meaning it can't. The difference between 0 slots and no slots is invisible to the user in Maplestory.

    From this point forward, my WZReading engine can detect the difference.

    The name of the variable which determines how many slots an item has is called "info/tuc", which stands for total upgrade count. I will call it "tuc" for short.

    If the tuc variable is not listed for a given item, it will be labeled as "Unlisted slots".
    If the tuc variable is listed but it shows 0 slots, it will be labeled as "0 slots".
    Otherwise, it will be labeled as "{{tuc}} slots".

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    Thanks :)

  16. Default Re: Extractions Updates & FAQ

    Changes Since I Took Over
    1. MDEF and WDEF changed to MDRate and PDRate respectively
    2. Skill spoiler format changed
    3. Hyper skills now show the required level
    4. Chairs now show up in the Item spoiler
    5. Mob (Changed) and Character (Changed) fixed
    6. Maximum health now shows properly for new mobs
    7. Range changed to the new 1366x768 resolution
    8. Percent HP damage from mob skills show up now
    9. Common properties like prop, time, and damage are separate key:value for their display in mob skills
    10. Miscellaneous fixes to the way Quest was being done
    11. Icon used for skills is now the regular icon instead of iconMouseOver
    12. Maximum level for Combat Order skills is now +3 instead of +2
    13. Ignore DEF and Boss Damage item properties now show up

    Just like Fiel, I'll be using this thread to take in feedback for changes you want to see and I'll post changes here as well.

  17. Default Re: Extractions Updates & FAQ

    Do you see much utility in including the monster types e.g. Enchanted, Devil? Since these are taken into consideration by those DRPQ weapons (but then again... I'm probably once of the rare few who use them...)


  18. Default Re: Extractions Updates & FAQ

    So am I. I heard from my friend that those properties don't apply later on so this data would be really nice for the few of us that can actually take advantage of it.

  19. Default Re: Extractions Updates & FAQ

    Okay, added.




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