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    Howdy all.

    I added an XFire modification to Southperry since it seems to be popular around here. Check out your options menu in the User CP to enable it (User CP --> Edit Your Details --> Scroll to bottom). Your XFire membership status will show below your IGN/Guild information in each post.

    In order for your XFire info to be seen, you must:
    1. Be a member of Southperry
    2. Have input your username into the User CP
    3. Have input what kind of background style you'd like

    Members of Southperry will only be able to view XFire info of themselves and others if they have filled out their own information in the User CP. Guests will not be able to see the XFire information. So, consider this an exclusive group.

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    Wow! Thanks, Fiel! <3

    Edit : I put in my info and I don't see anything. Is it invisible to yourself? o.o
    Last edited by ShiKage; 2009-08-07 at 10:04 AM.

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    I can see your profile. Make sure you have all three requirements completed.

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    Oh! I see it on newer posts, just not older posts. =]

  5. Default

    Ah, I'll fix it working on default only. brb

    EDIT: It should be working in all styles. The only one I had to change was "Just For You".

    EDIT 2: Ah, found the problem. Had to fix it in AdminCP.

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    Uh... don't mean to sound ignorant ,but what does X-fire do aside from listing what game you play?

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    Some of the threads I've been reading have been caught in mid-load and printing out weird things. They fix on refresh. Could be related to this?

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    That might be happening because you're loading the page just as I'm updating the templates. Got any pics?

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    I'll take a screenshot if it happens again.

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    I didn't enter any information and I still see others'.

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    It's basically like an in-game MSN. When you're playing a game and someone wants to talk to you, you don't have to minimize the game to talk. You can just bring up the in-game menu and chat all you want. There are also features that come with it like broadcasting a live video, recording videos (like fraps), taking screen shots, and more.

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    Test test?
    hustlin'! Even though I hardly use xfire :( L>xfire buddiez



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