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  1. Default How to view Nexon Announcements w/TinyPic

    Some people cannot view the announcements due to blocks on their internet (MasPan is not the only one). However, there is a way around this and a way to do it yourself without needing outside help.

    1. Open the Nexon Announcements topic
    2. Right-click on the page, then click on "View Source"
    3. CTRL + F for "nxcache" like so --> pic --> copy the link to your clipboard
    4. Go to
    5. Select URL from the radio buttons
    6. Paste the URL into the "URL" field and click upload --> pic

    Now the file is uploaded to tinypic and anyone should be able to view it without needing outside assistance.

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    Thank you, this helps a bit. I was trying to figure a way to view the image link so I could tinypic it. 2/3 was where I was having issues, I completely forgot about viewing source as an option.

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    You can't just right click and select Copy Image Location? Or can you not do that with broken images? -is not understanding the problem-

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    Not when the image is broken because it's address is being re-written by your firewall/proxy.

    All you get back is the mangled address that obviously goes nowhere or you'd have a pic in the first place.



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