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  1. Default An appropriate way to say no c/o?

    Sometimes when I begin selling a high-valued item, I'll get a flood of people asking me what the h/o or c/o is, but I haven't gotten one yet. I tell them, "No c/o yet." and they go "ewwwww".

    How do I avoid this?

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    Do as GMS says, or say that the c/o is currently something you'd expect it to be worth, maybe 5 mill less.

    Or be mean and do as I have done, set c/o at a really high pricetag. Managed to milk out 350 mill for meteor 30 and 1.2 billion for MW 20 through that way at the start of HT-killings.

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    I always do this.
    I usually walk away with more than I expected.

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    Stop getting rich from scrolling D=

    Why not just say "It's confidential" so you can get a sense of what people believe it is worth (to them)? It's sorta like a P/C, weighted in their favor xD

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    Tell them there's no c/o currently, and tell them that reasonable offers are welcome.

    If someone bids 600mil on an item that is worth 2 billion that's not what I would call a "reasonable offer."

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    Holy pineappleing pomegranate 1.2b for a pineappleing mw 20? what the pineapple.

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    Well what I do is anytime I don't have a C/O I just say the price I would like to get. For example there's 15 atk SCG and I have no C/O I would say C/O 1b.

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    When I put up a C/O in my shop title I get abused and defamed...I really should stop using my MM to sell stuff.



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