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Thread: [Khaini] B>All diamonds under 100k

  1. Default B>All diamonds under 100k

    I buy refined diamonds at 100k or less. I buy ores at 10k or less.

    Tell me how many you got and chances are good I can buy you out. Whisper "ShootRocks"

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    I'm not sure how often I'll be making weapons, so I'll probably sell my stock once I go beyond 40.

    ...for 250k. LOLOLOL

    jk, I'll just sell for 100k xD But only if I have more than 40.

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    You, sir, are a doo-doo head. :( I'll by diamonds for SLIGHTLY more! f3

    Or on the other hand, we should team up. I'll combine my Diamond Stash with yours? :D

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    Fiel, if you teach me about WZ files I'll give you all my diamonds for free.

    *probably has like 2 ores >>;*

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    lrniturself kkthnxbye

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    I find this thread ironically funny @-a



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