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  1. Default How would you like to see the main page?

    I know the very front page can be a little haphazard. What sorts of things would you like to see here that maybe you've seen on other sites?

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    Making the damage calculator a bit more obvious? (by the way, if you access the Damage Calculator from the main page on the Quick Links, the link is broken )

    Removing 1 or 2 of the Site Announcement posts to shorten clutter?

    And last...

    Something to note that this is actually a Maplestory-based website?

    Just throwing out suggestions.

  3. Default

    I'd like for you to put search forums directly beneath site navgation. I'd then like buddy list moved to between search forums and online users and then move stats to where buddylist is currently at.

    See picture for an example of what I mean:


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    The "Recent Threads" to be moved higher or at least somewhere where you/I don't have to scroll all the way to the very bottom of the page to see new posts.

    Announcements are just periodic. I don't really pay attention to anything else.

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    I fixed the bug with the damage calculator and changed up the front page a little bit based on your guys suggestions. Lemme know if you like it better than before.

  6. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
    Corn's Avatar [Jr. Event Coordinator]

    IGN: ClawofBeta
    Server: LoL.NA
    Level: 30
    Job: Bot Lane
    Guild: N/A
    Alliance: N/A


    Maybe if I did the Random Question thing again...

  7. Default

    Looks ok, but the online users at the bottom would be better on the right side in this current setup. If you're going to have a poll option, then I'd rather it be a daily or weekly poll decided by you Fiel instead of linking to an existing thread's poll.

    Edit: One more thing, put only the first most recent announcement on the main page.
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    Latest/newest Site ( + Nexon announcements in the main page would be nice. My reasons are the following:

    1) Because announcements are crucial for members to see what's going on with, as well as what Nexon has to say.

    2) Announcements should never be disregarded in any type of way, and what better way for veterans and new members to read announcements than to see it as soon as they log in?

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    I'm digging it. I hated always being greeted by the same announcement so often, since new ones didn't happen that frequently. I don't spend very much time on the homepage, anyway, but this is an improvement (at least visually, if nothing else).

  10. Default

    I'll be changing the templates for the vB CMPS so that the "News" thing works exactly how I want it to. In the end, the News thingy will be as small as the "Stats" block and will only contain links to Nexon & Site Announcements. That's the finished plan, anyway.

    I'll continue working on this sometime later.

  11. Default

    The only thing I want right now, is making a bigger "Forum" button.
    It's a pain clicking it because it's so small.

  12. Default

    Okay, pretty sure I got the "News" section how I like it. As always, feedback is appreciated.

  13. Default

    Agreed, the new News section is much better than the previous Announcements setup.

  14. Default

    Front page looks nice now, with announcements up. Thanks for considering my suggestion!

  15. Default

    It does look A LOT better.

    Still looking for the bigger "Forum" button though.

  16. Default

    I think the "current poll" section could be replaced by something a little more useful.

  17. Default

    Poll should be replaced with server maintness/ patch notices



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