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  1. Harrisonized

    Default Increase in GM Scrolls

    Has anyone noticed it?

    Was it saved GM scrolls being sold now? Or is it dropping from the vault? Or simply more people hunting Nightshadows? Increase in Nightshadow exchange rate? Or perhaps Gacha (someone told me Perion Gacha gives it now but it's not confirmed)?

    Anyways, there's definitely an increase on them that I'm wondering about.

  2. Default

    There's a better NightShadow map inside the Keep, maybe that has something to do with this.

  3. Default

    there is? 0_o

    well theres a new map with a bunch of nighshadows, but idk is too soon to pop out so many GM scrolls (i didnt see any change...), but i know before patch many ppl starting hunting for badges again, because the possible change on cwk rewards. so idk maybe is just that. i will trade badges tommorow and see if something change. (btw i did windraiders after patch but seems the same thing as always)


  4. Default

    Where are you getting that there is an increase? I have not notice any yet.

    They're still as rare as the blue moon in the sky. Try finding that, good luck.

  5. Neutron

    IGN: TomasLuther
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 200
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Forsaken
    Alliance: Solace


    I noticed this too. There were 3 in MTS before the patch, and i got 2, now there are 5 in MTS.

  6. Default

    The NightShadow map is amazing. 30mins got me 15 just now.

    Onehanded sword users will be happy =] And I hope to get rich

    Poor man gets rich somtimes =]

  7. Default

    One of my friends stockpiled on Badges before the patch, and claimed his prizes after it. Perhaps people are stockpiling and just feel like selling, who knows .

    I wasn't aware 5 scrolls in the MTS was so much...

  8. Water
    IGN: Fumni/AcerSavita
    Server: Mardia
    Level: 16X
    Job: Ketchup
    Guild: Resonance
    Alliance: Everybody Leeches


    I definitely agree. I farmed the new area for about 2 hours and got 50 nightshadow badges. And my reward? 2,500,000 mesos

    I'll get something better next time, but at least I made back my potion cost.

  9. Default

    Next time I'm going witha 12x ATKer and hsmule Lol. since I can't 100% hit =[

    I think its my new training map however. Low pot cost good spawn, fun to kill...

  10. Default

    Blue moons occur once a year, most years.

  11. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 200
    Job: Gear 2nd Pirate
    Guild: Virtues
    Alliance: NARs


    Low pot cost? Don't the Nightshadows auto aggro and deal 3k+ damage?

  12. Default

    They hit like 1.5-1.7k. I took a 1.7 myself, but i'm still 77, so...

    They are auto aggro though, and they jump.

  13. Default

    Maybe people who were saving them decided to sell now cause they think the prices will go down due to people farming them more now.

    Anyone know if they are fire resistant?

  14. Default

    No, they take normal damage from fire. They are poison immune though.

  15. Default

    Ice immune as well, no blizzard there mages

  16. Default

    Screw you, you already have firebrands.

  17. Default

    Yeah, the new map is amazing for archmages and bishops to farm badges, and is kind of decent exp for certain classes. GM scrolls should become much more plentiful now.

  18. Default

    I think the drop rate for the badges may have slightly increased too! Either that, or I just got really really lucky...

  19. Default

    Lol @ my infraction for ad-hominem. Saying screw you isn't ban worthy for that reason, but whatever.

    No, the spawn is just much much more than the old cave, so the chances of getting badges is higher.

  20. Default

    Ooh, that's nice. I think I'll x2 exp and drop. I like this new map a lot better than the other cave.



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