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    Allison to Lillia 13:
    'kay so, the title says Lillia, but the subs in itself say Lilia. lolwot.

    Treize is so much cooler than Wil. I really like how Treize doesn't sound so young boy-ish-y. Allison seems cuter than Lilia so far, but the next episode might change my view on her.

    Really want to read the books, though....

    Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 3:
    ololol, Haruka and Mika and Yuuto and the maids. It's still a pretty cute show, but I can't have Notogasms, so I'm somewhat irritated by Haruka herself.

    Is it really that bad to like anime/manga in Japan to some people or something? o_o;

    Zero no Tsukaima ~Princess Rondo~ 3:
    Titsffania. Bleh. Louise is still scary. Siesta is a slut.

    Why Horie Yui, whyyyy!

    Strike Witches 1:
    NO ONE TOLD ME CHIBA SAEKO WAS USING HER HUSKY NATSUKI VOICE, otherwise I would have totally downloaded this earlier to gaagaa over her Natsuki voice. :[

    Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~ 2:
    It's pretty slow paced so far, but Sora's seiyuu is so adorable that I can't help but watch.

    Nijuu Mensou no Musume 12+13:
    dfngdsngdimtoolazytotypeinspoilersoAMIGAWDstuffhap pened. More people need to watch this show.

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    I hate Siesta so much. Dirty whore.

    Yes, yes it is. Though I hear it's not as big a deal today, as it was a few years ago (i.e. pre-2000, pre-trainman <_<). People get ostracized, bullied, and all that garbage.

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    Narbari no Ou 13-15:

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    Kaiba 10:
    What.... the.... lol. Argh, I think I'm confusing myself over nothing.

    Ostrich needs more appearances.

    I could understand if people did stuff like this, but really now.... ;-;

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    Too bad Code Geass isn't getting an R3 :(

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    Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 4: yay shana cosplay <3! Levels of fanservice and contrived coincidence (... nice bridal shop, mistaking the identity of a customer and ignoring all their protests. Didn't sue them, which was nice) continue to rise. OP growing on me despite risqueness, as is the female lead. Still waiting for somebody else from the school to do something like go out of their little minor-character cubbies and go shopping and notice the lead.

    Code Geass R2 17: Hmm, Lelouch is good at controlling his emotions and lying. After the recording is aired, I'm guessing Kallen, Jeremiah, Guilford (if he lives), C.C.? will be his only allies left. Hoping Rolo + Suzaku die next episode to the nuke :)
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    Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 4:
    I don't find Shana or Haruka moe, but that reference was still cute. I think that was my favourite SnS OP song to boot.

    It's still sad when my favourite part of the episode was the Ueda Kana joke. I'm kind of hoping there'll be more references to roles other seiyuus have previously voiced, like Shimizu Kaori pulling a Signum.

    Also, nedz moar Nabatame Hitomi.

    Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~ 3:
    Sora's teacher is mean, rofl. C'mon, she saved lives by stopping that bus!

    Chi's Sweet Home 53 ~ 57:
    Chi's really cute in some episodes, but there are times where it's just annoying because of how innocent and naive she is.

    Koihime Musou 4:
    I don't mind yuri, but I'm not liking this show.... At least it looks better than Strawberry Panic!

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    Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 4:
    Was a bit disappointed in the lack of development in their relationship, but still an enjoyable episode. All I have to say is "wow" when Haruka came in with the wedding dress.

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    Code Geass R2 17:
    Suzaku is a douche, Xingke was bad ass and Lelouch wants to become cold and ruthless (I don't think that is going to happen).

    Good episode, needs moar Kallen though ;_;.

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    Zero no Tsukaima ~Princess no Rondo~ 4:
    Typical ZnT episode. Story lacked progress, though there was a bit of character development. Anyways, decent for cheap laughs. Episode was a week late I think. 5 is airing... today? Yesterday?

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    hopefully she'll be out of the cell by Ep 19

    BLEACH 183*:
    eh, just boring

    Naruto Shippuuden 70*:
    more peaching bout loneliness and pomegranate

    *= i regret uploading for other people to watch -__-

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    mainly im watching the normal AS animes, as well as Speed Grapher and Gunslinger Girl on IFC ch (free on Direct TV, ch 550)

    Also, when im at my dads house, I watch the animenetwork ondemand, which has a couple good animes, such as Loki (cant remember full name) plus others.

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    Kaiba 12:
    I don't know what to say about the ending on this one. It was.... well, it's not like I can predict anything that will happen in this show.

    I missed the way they told the story through the first half before it turned into the Popo/Neiro/Warp thing by the end. Still, it was a pretty good show.

    Chi's Sweet Home 58 ~ 68:
    That last episode with Chi and the mother and hearing her heartbeat made me so sad.

    Shugo Chara 40:
    Fate clone is sexy, but so is Amu.

    Kyouran Kazoku Nikki 12:
    Wow, I found this episode to be really boring, but it's fun seeing more Ginka. At least it's obvious that the guest seiyuu is Yuji from Shakugan no Shana, kind of forget who the cat girl was.

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    Code Geass R2 18: ... Nunnally (and hax ninjamaid Sayoko)
    So, Lelouch is freaking out, Suzaku's status as worst character maintained ("live on" geass being responsible for the Freya launch ironic, but nothing else), Kallen is OP, Rolo should die next ep (though I've hoped that for quite a few now) and said next episode's title is horribly straightforward.

    I actually felt kinda numb after watching the episode, heh.

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    Shugo Chara 42:
    Oh man, I can't believe they ended the episode as a cliffhanger. :s At least Amu finally gets to character transform with Dia.

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    Code Geass R2 18:
    I can't take the show seriously, so I end up laughing at everything.

    Less C.C. means less pizza butt means less Cheese-kun means I'm a sad panda.

    Kyouran Kazoku Nikki 13:
    Losing its flare, but hearing gokigenyou was sexy again.

    Needs more Gekka and Kyouka and Yuuka.

    Koihime Musou 5:
    Why am I watching this again? Am I that bored? I love yuri and all, but....

    Moetan 13:
    While I love Magical Mio, I wanted more Pastel Ink because Yukarin makes me wet. Still, fun episode. It's really over now, isn't it? ;-;

    Moetan corner is always hot. I'll miss it so much.

    Zero no Tsukaima ~Princess no Rondo~ 4:
    SO IT LOOKS LIKE ECLIPSE PICKED THIS BACK UP and it's still not getting any more interesting.


    Oh well, not like it ruined the anime for me. It's like that one time I went
    notrlyaspoiler but some people are picky
    and some people freaked out.

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    Wait, why are you still waiting? Episode 41 and 42 are subbed on Crunchyroll and episode 43 is subbed on YouTube. o_O Besides, it was bound to happen somewhere in the anime. >>



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