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Thread: [KMST] [1.2.200] Balrog Boss

  1. Default [1.2.200] Balrog Boss

    At last, the real Balrog is released!







    (Thread is done.)

    1.2.201-1.2.204 changes

  2. Default

    Well, nice to see something for that dead period between magatia pq and pap/pianus/zakum, I suppose. Apparently it has damage reflect, which is kind of harsh for a 3rd job boss. Perhaps it would be their way of restricting levels in a way, if it was weakened properly, so that 4th jobbers who don't strip off enough equipment would kill themselves.

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    So the other Balrog from the previous kmst patch is a summon of this Balrog? because I saw a video in Insoya and the other Balrog was also on the map.

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    the babies have fairly ridiculous magic defense for being level 48.

  5. Default Patch info

    1. 빅토리아 아일랜드 던전지역에 지하신전이 추가되었습니다.
    - 지하신전에서 보스몬스터 발록이 출몰합니다.
    - NPC 무영을 통해서 발록원정대를 구성해서 발록을 공략하실 수 있습니다.

    In Victoria Is., the underground temple was added. with the boss 'Balrog'
    Through the NPC 무영(Muyoung), you can form a team for killing the Balrog.

    <퀘스트 관련>

    1. 빅토리아 아일랜드에 새로운 퀘스트가 추가되었습니다.
    - 만지와 발록 : 레벨 50 이상, 만지, 만지의 낡은 글라디우스 수행 완료
    - 버려진 쪽지 : 레벨 50 이상, 알 수 없는 종이조각
    - 악마를 쫓는 방법 : 레벨 50 이상, 크리슈라마

    New quests:
    Manji and Balrog: Lvl 50 req, NPC Manji , Requires Manji's Gladius quest completed
    Lost note: Lvl 50 req, NPC Mysterious piece of paper (알 수 없는 종이조각)
    Exorcism: Lvl 50 req, NPC Chrishrama

    <아이템 관련>

    1. 소비 아이템이 추가되었습니다.
    - (Lev. 110) 불릿: 이터널 불릿
    Lev. 110 Eternal Bullet added

    2. 장비 아이템이 추가 되었습니다.
    - (Lev. 58) 공용신발: 발록의 가죽신발
    - (Lev. 68) 공용신발: 발록의 털가죽 신발
    New equip: lev. 58 Balrog's Leather boots, lev 68 Balrog's Fur boots.

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    i hope the stats for these are as ridiculous as zhats and ht pendants.

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    Well, it kinda depends. The level 68 shoe adds 1 to each stat and can be leveled up twice with a chance to add a max of one per stat. On top of that, there's a special 5% scroll that can add 4 str, 4 dex, 4 int, 4 luk, 4 speed, 4 jump, and all this other junk. The shoe has 6 slots by the way.

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    I could just hug him. <3

  9. Default Translations

    Isaac, could you provide the Korean for the rest of the ETC items?

    And also: Stats are nerfed for the boss battle, I think.

    Balrog boss battle

    Also,"Quotes" were added for area bosses. No idea what this means
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  10. Default

    O_O pineapples. That thing nearly scared me to death!
    Lol jk. But seriously, that things is just... whoa. And then we has the Baby Balrog... HE'S SO CUTE!! I wanna keep him!

  11. Default 무영의 전언
    Etc.4032262.desc 무영이 사부인 만지에게 전해달라고 부탁한 편지다. 페리온의 만지에게 가져가야 한다. 악마를 쫓는 부적
    Etc.4032263.desc 크리슈라마가 영험한 돌에 붙이라고 준 부적이다. 악마를 쫓아내는 힘이 깃들어 있다고 한다. 봄날의 꽃씨
    Etc.4032264.desc 봄꽃을 피우는 씨앗이다. 봄날의 꽃잎
    Etc.4032265.desc 봄꽃을 이루고 있는 낱낱의 조각 잎이다. 눈부신 햇살
    Etc.4032266.desc 봄기운이 가득한 눈부신 햇살이다. 목재
    Etc.4032267.desc 상자에서 나온 단단한 목재다. 의자의 재료로 적당해 보인다.

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    Whoa, that is a very nice Login Screen. Manji is looks cool.

    The Baby Balrog is cute.

  13. Default

    Above: That's Muyoung, I think.

  14. Default

    I have a very important question. Do you have any idea if there is a destruction chance from those scrolls, mostly the 5% one, or is it entirely possible to make 25 or so per ability stat shoes provided you have the money to spend on white scrolls?

  15. Default

    They are not cursed. White scrolls don't exist in KMS though.

  16. Default

    I'm aware, but we'll get this eventually, and unless they remove our white scrolls... 50-52 stat shoes (based on the fact that each class generally only uses 2 stats) would be pretty sweat, in fact, unless they allow us to use more eggs with our pendants, it's better than a pendant, and can be gotten much earlier if you have the funds to white scroll.

    I do assume that those 5% scrolls are rare too, but if you can stock pile the amount of white scrolls that would be necessary for such a project, you can eventually have enough 5% scrolls as well.

    Thanks for the extractions btw, to be honest, these extractions excite me quite a bit, not cause KMS is advancing adding new stuff, but because we'll get them eventually, and I love this game, and I love my stats, any thing that'll improve either, is major win to me.

    Of course, things can change at anytime, even after official release, nothing is really finalized in an MMO. Also, lately, I find myself trying to prepare for the day when the definitions of statless, and low-stat change. I mean, we're already pretty close to the point, where it's complete nonsense to continue ignoring your secondary stat all together, when optimal equips provide us with enough secondary stat points to equip everything up to lvl 120, especially as brawlers or sins, where we need 20/25 of our secondary stat to start with.

    Well, anyways, thanks for answering my question.
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    Added the changes to the shoes, which was the last thing to add.
    Check it out, the Fur Balrog shoes have Item Levels.

  18. Default

    If nexon notices this was a good patch they will nerf it.

  19. Default

    Well, if you're talking specifically about gMS, I'm sure well-chaosed facestompers will turn out better than a perfect rog shoe.



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