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    Default Slumdog Millionaire

    Anyone else watch it? How did you feel about it.

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    Awesome movie

    The girl was hot

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    It was the first Indian movie I'd seen, and it was amazing, though the overarching "destiny" theme was a bit cheesy, at least in western culture.

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    I enjoyed it, and the music especially. But I've seen countless Bollywood movies, and it's really not such a distinct break through movie as the Academy seems to think, at least not compared to some others.

    I really think as far as the Oscars were concerned, there were better movies that deserved the Best Picture award, but for most it's only their first glimpse of these types of movies so their intrigued.

    I do think the music awards were deserved. A.R Rahman's other works are equally good and some even superior.

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    awesome movie. saw it last night with my fiance.
    possible spoiler alert?
    those were my first reactions.

    edit: when i said "modern" cut scenes, i kinda don't mean anything specific. maybe i mean western. not as in the film genre. aahh i don't know what i mean..
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    About the opening scene, I beleive it was sung by MIA, who's Sri Lankan though raised for a good part of her life in England, so that explains it.

    And even the actor who portays Jamal is indo-British. Can;t really escape that hah.

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    ahhh. yes i did notice that! it's pretty genuine hindi/urdu?whateverbollywoodthinksitis (eventhoughhe'smuslim)-sounding accent to begin with, but there's a moment later on when he totally has this London thing going... I was like aaaah was this made in Britain? heh

    i don't really mind. the british culture has historically penetrated indian culture and there are a number of entrenched facets of language that originated from british involvement. i guess i'd be a lot more bothered if someone had had an american accent, which they didn't.

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    i have not seen this movie, but i was really surprised that this won Best Visual Effects over Iron Man and Dark Knight since it is a drama and wouldn't involve that much. lol

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    Haha, I do feel Dark knight got shafted in terms of awards. But I can see where they came from, since this movie is 'different' and the camera transitions were pretty awesome, and I'm guessing that plus all the pretty colors won it =]



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