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    Classic World of warcraft seemed to do ok, I wonder if the same treatment could work over here? Quote borrowed from a certain blog:
    Theme Dungeon: (Old) MapleStory

    A request to add a new theme dungeon where you can remember MapleStory before the Big Bang patch.

    Opinions that it would be nice to experience past MapleStory in the form of an anniversary event.
    A request to add a new server where you can remember the past.

    The brief version on my input for this would go like this:
    Use a version near the original release of Knights of Cygnus (to hype their revamp?)
    Add something to do with Masteria
    Consider a version that can make use of the Maker skill
    Consider tweaking some end game areas to be more/ less Hp intense and to be able to fit it in before BB.
    (Also a new player should have to read at least 2 guides before they can "get gud" and it should take at least 5 hours before anybody can get lots of mesos for the economy.)
    (potential names could include - Re Reboot, Big bang 2, Mapletree seed and infinite breakfast)

    Grandis is nice but I'd still be willing to visit a good/ polished legacy server if the right conditions were met.

    If I was giving Nexon a game development idea, it would be to srsly consider making at least one Classic world/ server/ version. I mean the game outlasted the global version of its own sequel. (R.I.P MS 2) Just think about that for a moment.

    Fundamentally Maplestory isn't Wow or other large scale MMO but it doesn't need to be in order to achieve "success". I remember when I first started the game and I also remember when I first migrated when Nexon opened brand new regional worlds. That was an experiment because no one knew how many would play.

    Taking into account other users feedback, the goal seems very much achievable from economic or party quest points of view. Simply bring online a Maple version at or just before the Big bang update. It doesn't need to be pretty but it just needs a chance. Instead of an auction house there could be the Free Market and MTS. (which could be adjusted to block the worst exploits)

    I am not gonna say its possible to fix every PQ but if end game damage was nerfed across the board, that would probably be a good place to start. (alternatively there could be volunteers to give suggestions about specific PQ's if they know enough about one to be considered an expert) Also to sell some Nx on the side to grant a few extra perks and boosts tailored to each audience, just like always. (but better)

    Storywise and collector wise, there are a lot of options. I would be extremely interested to see them include the Black Mage or Masteria. (although that is moving beyond just the basic retro foundation) Anyway if they gave Classic one chance, I think it would really be something worth the effort. The proof is in the pudding. Even if it was only done as an Frankenroid, experimental test project. Or Tespia or something of that magnitude.

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