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  1. Default I Reached Out to NxProse About Masteria

    So many of you may know that NxProse was the original writer behind Masteria back in the day (even though it was a group effort which he has clarified before). Of course, over the years Masteria has changed and been through a lot of changes, many of which were for the worse. Out of curiosity, I wanted to know what NxProse's plans were for Masteria via Linkedin, so I obtained a LinkedIn Premium membership to reach out to him. He told me what his original vision entailed, and it was quite a shame how much lost potential there was. I asked for his permission to share it here, and he said I could, so I will share it with you guys. I will be censoring his name and my own name, but finding his LinkedIn isn't difficult if you know what to search for. Here was my conversation with NxProse:

    I also shared with him the Masteria storyline of old and new, which I consolidated into a Youtube playlist, for him to view if he was ever curious:

    It's quite a shame that we never got to see it play out in its entirety, but I am glad to have received closure on this.

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    Default Re: I Reached Out to NxProse About Masteria

    That sounds like it would have been a hell of a lot more fun than the steaming dump that we got with Masteria Returns.

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    Default Re: I Reached Out to NxProse About Masteria

    It's very interesting what the original plans were versus what came about. I was a huge sucker for Masteria lore ever since it was introduced as one of the first gMS exclusive content and was sort of mad at how some of the things came about (cough cough a cake vs pie event in a pyramid).

    But at the end of the day, this would have also had to go through the kMS staff back then to create all of these ideas in game since I don't believe any regions (except maybe jMS) created their own assets inhouse.

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    Default Re: I Reached Out to NxProse About Masteria

    bro i don't wanna read this, the potential....

    yea seem cool to have, i wonder how the game would be today if we had gotten this.

  5. Default

    Well, Isaac's speculations had a lot of hits given how little we knew at the time.

    Let's see:
    1. Krakia and Foxwit being enemies through time - yep
    2. Connection between Nihal and NLC - yep, Yetinx being an Ariant travel point
    3. Isle of Vigilance being a map we can go to - yep
    4. Versal being one of the last places we see - technically no but what we would have seen at that point was basically a teaser
    5. Naricain being the final boss - yep
    6. Komodo Duo being the Azure Ocelote and Scarlet Phoenix from CWKPQ - doesn't look like it, Prose's plan has a True Phoenix and True Ocelote near the end of act 1
    7. The location of the Antellion - it was in Crimsonwood Keep when it came out, not sure if that was an early change from Prose's plan or is the statue not related to the actual Antellion itself?
    8. Christopher Crimsonheart being important was sort of a given based on his tomb in the MesoGears.
    9. The Black Mage's apprentice being Dr. Krakia - yep
    10. Timing of Krakia - yes, it was the next area

    Krakiatoa was out of left field but Isaac basically had breadcrumbs to go on.

    I wonder what the plan was for the other areas hinted at, would they have come out after the Versal storyline was tied up or would it be spread out?

  6. Default Re: I Reached Out to NxProse About Masteria

    If only IsaacGS were still around to view this thread. I think he would be glad to see it.

  7. Default Re: I Reached Out to NxProse About Masteria

    Yeah, maybe he'll see it one day. Thanks for getting the lowdown on this.

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    Default Re: I Reached Out to NxProse About Masteria

    Thank you so much for reaching out to him. I am so disappointed that we never got to see the intended conclusion of Masteria, the continent and its story had always been my favorite part of the game, and it always left a sour taste in my mouth that it never got a proper conclusion. The additions that came in later years really only felt like pouring salt in the wound to me.



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