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  1. Default [CMST 162] Maple Explorer Event

    The Maple Explorer stuff starts around 5 minutes in.

    Not sure if it's actually an event or not, since it has Maple Guide and Dimensional Portal icons, but in the video, they access it through the event quests tab, so...

    I think it actually looks pretty neat and that it has potential. I mean, it's just like basic deserted island pomegranate, but I'm intrigued, a different take on it than Mr. Lee's Airlines, for sure. There's weather, a day/night cycle, crafting. I did have high hopes for Phantom Forest, too, though.

    Also there's a new totem.

    That you can flame.

    And it is tagged 'bossReward'.

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    Default Re: [CMST 162] Maple Explorer Event

    What are you implying, we finnaly fight Ergoth?

  3. Default Re: [CMST 162] Maple Explorer Event

    I'm not sure, it could also be nothing and they just reused the staff for whatever reason (it's only Tespia, so that might be why). If it was the same on the actual server, it might mean something.



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