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  1. Default Gonna try one extraction

    Are my scripts updated? No, not really.
    Will it be painful? Yes.
    Do my scripts still extract? Yuppers.
    Can you expect fast and speedy extraction? No.

    Lemme try doing one for old time's sake.

    Considering I haven't looked at my code in almost 6 years, I'm surprised how much of the code I remember and the fact that a lot of the code still works.

  2. Default Re: Gonna try one extraction

    Anything in particular, or just a random patch for fun? Welcome back, by the way. Shame we couldn't archive the shirt cake eating.

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    Default Re: Gonna try one extraction

    the extractions of this site was always top 1 to find anything of a patch

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    Default Re: Gonna try one extraction

    Should be fun if it manages to work out.

  5. Default Re: Gonna try one extraction

    I'm betting a lot of things will be busted, especially images.

    They completely reworked how images are stored in the game and my scripts are not fully updated to account for all the weird interactions that these provide. I also don't have definitions for any new classes past Mechanics, so it'll take some time.

    Also, my image hosting isn't working right now, so there won't be any images at all in the extraction. Like, my scripts that work with creating animations from the game files won't work because they changed how images are stored in the WZ files which breaks a lot of my stuff.

    There are tools out there that create animations based upon the new format, but I haven't explored integrating them into my scripts yet.

    When I look at the other databases and wikis that are around for Maplestory, I'm left with wanting something more:
    - Modularized format, similar to how Maplestory is now modularized with content. I'd like to be able to click on a module and see what all I'd get from that module. Nexon does provide this through their UI, but it's far from ideal. I look forward to the changes they'll be making in the UI for this.
    - It'd be super helpful if there were a listing of all shops within the game and what I can buy from each shop. I didn't know there were shops that sold all cure potions until I randomly happened upon one.
    - I think an unexplored area of Maplestory would be a drop site calculator. In this site, users would download a maplestory packet sniffer and then sniff packets regarding mob drops. Then it would send those statistics to a central server that would calculate drop rates for mobs in the game.
    - I want to learn about which classes I should make in the game by combining link skill and legion bonuses together, and I'd love for link skill and legion bonuses to be included in the character creation UI to help me know which one to pick. Right now, to check this information I have to go to like 3-4 different sites.

  6. Default Re: Gonna try one extraction

    This is one of the most amusing things I have seen in this forum in the past years.

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    Default Re: Gonna try one extraction

    An extraction by the god himself!!

    Ah hyped

  8. Default Re: Gonna try one extraction

    Just got the update from Nexon. I'm making a copy of my unpacked data just to make sure my new scripts don't flub up too much.

    EDIT: I made a mistake. The extraction is hosed because I made some errors when unpacking images that I didn't anticipate and I forgot to save my old WZ files lol. Oopsie. Like I said, they changed a lot of stuff when it comes to images that my parsers are not fully prepared for.

    I'll try again for v215. There's no way I can do this version. I'll keep hacking away at my scripts because why not. I won't make the same mistake again.
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    Default Re: Gonna try one extraction

    ahhhh, the memories. excited to see how this turns out!!! even if I don't play anymore.

  10. Default Re: Gonna try one extraction

    You know someone is old when they call it Maplestory.



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