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    It also raises further questions, because the Glimmer Man trained in Ellinia in the original lore, and he also still appears in Amoria PQ. And I was fine with Monad until the very last cutscene. Hell, I was even on board with PULSAR becoming a new looming threat over Maple World. Going into spoiler territory in regards to Monad / Afinas:

    Regardless, it's a shame that they had to rope Masteria into this.

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    So Nexon moved Gollux from Tynerum (the land of demons) to Masteria, retconning some stuff on the way and (sort of) tying it to the new lore. It's still pretty barebones, however.


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    Default Re: Masteria Revamp 2019 - The Dead Horse Beatening

    Of course, then again I doubt quality assurance and control pays any heed to fansites other than dreddit. Doesn't help that the current state of the community can be blamed on a certain former CM and his little VFM peckerhead.

    Had dreaded that the revamp would be a hot mess. Played around with it a little only to have thoughts confirmed. At level and on main, it still felt boring either way with the new maps.

    Wolf Spiders look like they weren't even touched asides from level scaling. The map still has graphical issues that have been around since the first few attempts at revamping said content.

    Looks like the loot table for the spiders was trashed as well. Not much of a change in existing bugs, yet introducing a revamp that just isn't interesting. Shoehorning Afinas into content that was made before it felt lazy enough to be considered another round of alien content.



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