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  1. Default Maple Memo: v206 Status Update – August 9

  2. Neon Atom
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    Default Re: Maple Memo: v206 Status Update – August 9

    Hmm, not going to go well with the throttling of loot. Or for that matter the compensation we've seen for missteps taken regarding last month's little mishap with Fairy Bros. rewards.

    Bera lagging again? Easy solution, incentives to stop dogpiling on the bloody popular servers. Another solution would be to start looking up ways to recognize and audit certain patterns that botters and hackers use. Never said it was easy, just a few little pointers in the right direction. Even have GMs looking up botters and doing entire transaction audits will give a clue to patterns.

    Rather a shame that we get a joke of a producer who doesn't even work with quality user experience as a goal.



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