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  1. Default I request help finding a very specific item

    Hi everyone!

    I am trying to find a very specific item called Dark Chaos Robe. (Level 33 mage overall).
    Why you ask? i think it looks awesome.
    I am playing on Reboot.
    I did not find any shop that sells it, nor was i able to find an updated loot table online.
    So i decided to hunt for as many crusader codex cards as possible but i have yet to find a monster that drops it.
    Then i had the idea of asking around this forum these questions:
    First of all does anybody knows where i can find it?
    Perhaps someone here with a bigger card collection could search his for this item?
    Is it even still in game?

    Have a great day!

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    Default Re: I request help finding a very specific item

    The Crusader Codex shows it dropping from Blue Perfume in Kerning Square. Unfortunately, that area and mob are no longer in the game.

    I assume that if it drops at all, it drops from a newer level 30 mob, like those in the tutorial/beginning maps of various classes (Pantheon, Savage Terminal, etc). Unfortunately, none of those newer mobs are in the GMS Codex, as it hasn't been updated in many years. I hear that JMS does keep their codex updated, so if you can figure out a way to ask for this info from a JMS player (or JMS "data miner"), their info might apply to GMS as well.



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