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    Default Pre-Big Bang Skill that would be broken in today's time

    Ok so i was thinking how if some skills were still usable today it would be super broken in today's time if worked as expected.

    For me the most broken would be old Meso Explosion, where you could drop mesos on the floor and explode ;imagine people going in Black Mage and going ''i have 20b, i will use 10b and we can win this boss'' would be funny , aside it's just broken using meso as force, considering how pickpocket doesn't generate much mesos.

    Other skill would be Bishop's old skill that blocked all abnormal status, called Holy Shield, it could stay up 1/3 of the time at lv max, imagine 1/3 of the time not taking abnormal status, it would be specially overpowered during the post Big Bang era before the V-patch, imagine being imune to Lotus stuns, i mean all of em.

    One passive that i always remember is Marksman's old passive, he could get up to 90% mastery, it made sense since he was and should be still a elite archer and ranged class, so doing more precise damage makes a lot of more sense, if we Marksmans could get back to 90%mastery that's a nearly 9% boost damage, and i still wait maybe we can get a passive like that for V-skills( passive ones for each class).

    What other skills do you guys remember in old times that no longer exist the same way? I still rememberr Fire Poison old training method that no longer works today since poison deals %dmg instead of % hp..

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    Default Re: Pre-Big Bang Skill that would be broken in today's time

    Classes already reach 85% mastery iirc. 15% base and the other 70 comes from your 2nd and 4th job passives.
    It used to be possible to reach 100% status resist and therefore be 100% immune to status, which of course was nerfed to make status resist useless beyond ~50-60
    The other day i was thinking about the old Priest skill, Doom. Good times.

  3. Default Re: Pre-Big Bang Skill that would be broken in today's time

    Dragon Roar



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