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    Default Re: Maple Memo: v202 Status Update – Jan. 25

    Longer maintenance time?

    Would have preferred that over the rollback that happened. Not the first time we have had extended maintenance times due to someone screwing something up. I'm sure there are a number of times where we would take something being down longer in order to be perfected. Unfortunately pushing stuff live without proper quality assurance is part of what drains proper players from the game.

    Masteria when it first came out is one example of QA asleep on the job. Boomers and Bigfoot being easy examples. One hand, both hit with damage over time effects with differing results. Boomers turning into tribbles from Star Trek and Bigfoot having at one point been an experience piñata if you could kill it.

    Really with PIC problems? Feels like another case of quantity assurance for bugs yet again. Otherwise it's just another case of the developers screwing pooches again. Just implement something that works with extra time and extend the bloody event content.

    Looks like another bug came up. Those of us who run through dojo for medals just got screwed out of a week of work.
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