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  1. Default About that new plot of the Monad

    Seems that there is an interesting group called the Afinas. Seems to be another big group like the Cygnus ones.

    Wondering if KMS will use that plot to finally complete the map of El Nath since it seems very interesting to watch it, since some mobs like the Elephant based ones looks too good to be on a Blockbuster.

  2. Default Re: About that new plot of the Monad

    I wouldn't read too much into it. I'm sure they're based out of some castle town in Ossyria, I doubt there will be a visit to their hq. They seem like religious zealots imo.

  3. Default Re: About that new plot of the Monad

    If you read the Blaack Mage web toon, the Black Mage was part of this Sorcerer's Organization based in El Nath. If they are the same it would be cool



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