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Thread: Boss Rewards

  1. Default Boss Rewards

    Since we don't have an updated version of this since Danny did it like forever ago, as far as I know, this should be all the items tagged bossReward in the data. Note that not all of these item categories can receive bonus stats, but they're here anyway since they are tagged.

    Face Accessory
    Onyx Maple Gum
    Rebecca's Rouge Mask
    Rebecca's Maple Leaf
    Rebecca's Tree Branch Nose
    FrontierB Black Chicle
    FrontierC White Chicle
    Maple Saint Gum
    Condensed Power Crystal
    Maple Treasure accessory
    Override Chewing Gum

    Eye Accessory
    Chaos Pink Bean Mark
    White Day Sweet Glasses
    Chaos Pink Bean Mark
    Rebecca's Classic Glasses
    Rebecca's Broken Glasses
    Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory
    Black Bean Mark
    Papulatus Mark
    Magic Eyepatch

    Will o' the Wisps
    Whiteday Sweet and Sour Earrings.
    Rebecca's Sweet and Tangy Earrings
    Rebecca's Grape Earrings
    Meister Earring
    Scarlet Earring
    Inverse Jewel Earring
    Ocean Glow Earrings
    Dea Sidus Earring

    Dominator Pendant
    Onyx Maple Pendant
    Mechanator Pendant
    FrontierB Black Pendant
    FrontierC White Pendant
    Maple Saint Pendant
    Maple Treasure pendant
    Vibrant Crimson Clover
    Supple Crimson Clover
    Canny Crimson Clover
    Lucky Crimson Clover
    Serene Crimson Clover
    Delicate Crimson Clover
    Superior Crimson Clover
    Superb Crimson Clover
    Perfect Crimson Clover
    Eternal Crimson Clover
    Dominator Pendant
    Dominator Pendant
    Dominator Pendant
    Dominator Pendant
    Dominator Pendant
    Dominator Pendant
    Override Pendant
    Dominator Pendant
    Dominator Pendant
    Dominator Pendant
    Dominator Pendant
    Dominator Pendant
    Dominator Pendant

    Marx Von Leon War Belt
    Alma Von Leon War Belt
    Fox Von Leon War Belt
    Nox Von Leon War Belt
    Cora Von Leon War Belt
    Victor Von Leon Belt
    Hex Von Leon Belt
    Celine Von Leon Belt
    Scar Von Leon Belt
    Mer Von Leon Belt
    Tyrant Hyades Belt
    Tyrant Hermes Belt
    Tyrant Charon Belt
    Tyrant Lycaon Belt
    Tyrant Altair Belt
    Onyx Maple Buckle
    FrontierA Amethysian Belt
    FrontierB Black Buckle
    FrontierC White Buckle
    Golden Clover Belt
    Maple Treasure belt
    Enraged Zakum Belt
    Dreamy Belt

    Shoulder Accessory
    FrontierA Amethysian Shoulder
    Meister Shoulder
    Scarlet Shoulder
    Royal Black Metal Shoulder
    AbsoLab Knight Shoulder
    AbsoLab Mage Shoulder
    AbsoLab Archer Shoulder
    AbsoLab Thief Shoulder
    AbsoLab Pirate Shoulder
    Maple Treasure shoulder
    Arcane Umbra Knight Shoulder
    Arcane Umbra Mage Shoulder
    Arcane Umbra Archer Shoulder
    Arcane Umbra Thief Shoulder
    Arcane Umbra Pirate Shoulder

    Pocket Item
    Stone of Eternal Life
    RED Scarlet Handkerchief
    Pink Holy Cup
    Gold Richie's Handkerchief
    Vibrant Magma Clover
    Supple Magma Clover
    Canny Magma Clover
    Lucky Magma Clover
    Serene Magma Clover
    Delicate Magma Clover
    Superior Magma Clover
    Superb Magma Clover
    Perfect Magma Clover
    Eternal Magma Clover
    Cursed Red Spellbook
    Cursed Blue Spellbook
    Cursed Green Spellbook
    Cursed Yellow Spellbook

    Crystal Ventus Badge

    Marx Von Leon Helmet
    Alma Von Leon Helmet
    Fox Von Leon Helmet
    Nox Von Leon Helmet
    Cora Von Leon Helmet
    Lionheart Battle Helm
    Dragon Tail Mage Sallet
    Falcon Wing Sentinel Cap
    Raven Horn Chaser Hat
    Shark Tooth Skipper Hat
    Victor Von Leon Helm
    Hex Von Leon Helm
    Celine Von Leon Helm
    Scar Von Leon Helm
    Mer Von Leon Helm
    Chaos Pink Bean Hat
    Black Bean Hat
    Unleashed Hat
    Frilly Pink Bean Hat
    Frilly Black Bean Hat
    Spark Fairy Hat
    Royal Warrior Helm
    Royal Dunwitch Hat
    Royal Ranger Beret
    Royal Assassin Hood
    Royal Wanderer Hat
    Gold Label Knight Hat
    Onyx Maple Hat
    FrontierA Amethysian Cap
    FrontierB Black Hat
    FrontierC White Hat
    Wings of Harmony
    Aquarius Crown
    Necromancer Warrior Hat
    Necromancer Magician Hat
    Necromancer Sentinel Hat
    Necromancer Chaser Hat
    Necromancer Skipper Hat
    Royal Von Leon Warrior Helm
    Royal Von Leon Magician Helm
    Royal Von Leon Sentinel Helm
    Royal Von Leon Chaser Helm
    Royal Von Leon Skipper Helm
    Frozen Hat
    AbsoLab Knight Helm
    AbsoLab Mage Crown
    AbsoLab Archer Hood
    AbsoLab Bandit Cap
    AbsoLab Pirate Fedora
    Maple Treasure Cap
    Enraged Zakum Helmet
    Arcane Umbra Knight Hat
    Arcane Umbra Mage Hat
    Arcane Umbra Archer Hat
    Arcane Umbra Thief Hat
    Arcane Umbra Pirate Hat

    Marx Von Leon Cape
    Alma Von Leon Cape
    Fox Von Leon Cape
    Nox Von Leon Cape
    Cora Von Leon Cape
    Lionheart Battle Cape
    Dragon Tail Mage Cape
    Falcon Wing Sentinel Cape
    Raven Horn Chaser Cape
    Shark Tooth Skipper Cape
    Victor Von Leon Cape
    Hex Von Leon Cape
    Celine Von Leon Cape
    Scar Von Leon Cape
    Mer Von Leon Cape
    Tyrant Hyades Cloak
    Tyrant Hermes Cloak
    Tyrant Charon Cloak
    Tyrant Lycaon Cloak
    Tyrant Altair Cloak
    Unleashed Cape
    Spark Fairy Cape
    Gold Label Knight Cape
    Onyx Maple Cape
    FrontierA Amethysian Star Cloak
    FrontierB Black Cape
    FrontierC White Cape
    Maple Saint Cape
    Royal Von Leon Warrior Cape
    Royal Von Leon Mage Cape
    Royal Von Leon Sentinel Cape
    Royal Von Leon Chaser Cape
    Royal Von Leon Skipper Cape
    AbsoLab Knight Cape
    AbsoLab Mage Cape
    AbsoLab Archer Cape
    AbsoLab Bandit Cape
    AbsoLab Pirate Cape
    Frozen Cape
    Maple Treasure cape
    Enraged Zakum Cape
    Arcane Umbra Knight Cape
    Arcane Umbra Mage Cape
    Arcane Umbra Archer Cape
    Arcane Umbra Thief Cape
    Arcane Umbra Pirate Cape
    Override Cape

    Eagle Eye Warrior Armor
    Eagle Eye Dunwitch Robe
    Eagle Eye Ranger Cowl
    Eagle Eye Assassin Shirt
    Eagle Eye Wanderer Coat

    Marx Von Leon Gloves
    Alma Von Leon Gloves
    Fox Von Leon Gloves
    Nox Von Leon Gloves
    Cora Von Leon Gloves
    Lionheart Battle Bracers
    Dragon Tail Mage Gloves
    Falcon Wing Sentinel Gloves
    Raven Horn Chaser Gloves
    Shark Tooth Skipper Gloves
    Victor Von Leon Hand Guard
    Hex Von Leon Hand Guard
    Celine Von Leon Hand Guard
    Scar Von Leon Hand Guard
    Mer Von Leon Hand Guard
    Unleashed Gloves
    Spark Fairy Gloves
    Gold Label Knight Gloves
    FrontierA Amethysian Tattoo
    Tyrant Hyades Gloves
    Tyrant Hermes Gloves
    Tyrant Charon Gloves
    Tyrant Lycaon Gloves
    Tyrant Altair Gloves
    Necromancer Warrior Gloves
    Necromancer Magician Gloves
    Necromancer Sentinel Gloves
    Necromancer Chaser Gloves
    Necromancer Skipper Gloves
    Royal Von Leon Warrior Hands
    Royal Von Leon Mage Hands
    Royal Von Leon Sentinel Hands
    Royal Von Leon Chaser Hands
    Royal Von Leon Skipper Hands
    AbsoLab Knight Gloves
    AbsoLab Mage Gloves
    AbsoLab Archer Gloves
    AbsoLab Bandit Gloves
    AbsoLab Pirate Gloves
    Maple Treasure gloves
    Arcane Umbra Knight Gloves
    Arcane Umbra Mage Gloves
    Arcane Umbra Archer Gloves
    Arcane Umbra Bandit Gloves
    Arcane Umbra Pirate Gloves

    Proton Suit
    Beryl Suit
    Proton Suit
    Beryl Suit
    Marx Von Leon Battle Suit
    Alma Von Leon Battle Suit
    Fox Von Leon Battle Suit
    Nox Von Leon Battle Suit
    Cora Von Leon Battle Suit
    Lionheart Battle Mail
    Dragon Tail Mage Robe
    Falcon Wing Sentinel Suit
    Raven Horn Chaser Armor
    Shark Tooth Skipper Coat
    Victor Von Leon Battle Suit
    Hex Von Leon Battle Suit
    Celine Von Leon Battle Suit
    Scar Von Leon Battle Suit
    Mer Von Leon Battle Suit
    Chaos Pink Bean Suit
    Black Bean Suit
    Unleashed Suit
    Frilly Pink Bean Suit
    Frilly Black Bean Suit
    Spark Fairy Suit
    Gold Label Knight Suit
    Gold Label Knight Suit
    Onyx Maple Suit
    FrontierA Amethysian Suit
    FrontierB Black Suit
    FrontierC White Suit
    Royal Adventure Suit
    Royal Adventure Suit
    Royal Adventure Suit
    Royal Adventure Suit
    Royal Adventure Suit
    Necromancer Warrior Suit
    Necromancer Magician Suit
    Necromancer Sentinel Suit
    Necromancer Chaser Suit
    Necromancer Skipper Suit
    Royal Von Leon Warrior Suit
    Royal Von Leon Mage Suit
    Royal Von Leon Sentinel Suit
    Royal Von Leon Chaser Suit
    Royal Von Leon Skipper Suit
    AbsoLab Knight Suit
    AbsoLab Mage Suit
    AbsoLab Archer Suit
    AbsoLab Bandit Suit
    AbsoLab Pirate Suit
    Frozen Suit
    Maple Treasure outfit
    Arcane Umbra Knight Suit
    Arcane Umbra Mage Suit
    Arcane Umbra Archer Suit
    Arcane Umbra Bandit Suit
    Arcane Umbra Pirate Suit

    Trixter Warrior Pants
    Trixter Dunwitch Pants
    Trixter Ranger Pants
    Trixter Assassin Pants
    Trixter Wanderer Pants

    Rebecca's Maple Ring
    Rebecca's Simple Ring
    Meister Ring
    Scarlet Ring
    Silver Blossom Ring

    Marx Von Leon War Boots
    Alma Von Leon War Boots
    Fox Von Leon War Boots
    Nox Von Leon War Boots
    Cora Von Leon War Boots
    Lionheart Battle Boots
    Dragon Tail Mage Shoes
    Falcon Wing Sentinel Boots
    Raven Horn Chaser Boots
    Shark Tooth Skipper Boots
    Victor Von Leon War Boots
    Hex Von Leon War Boots
    Celine Von Leon War Boots
    Scar Von Leon War Boots
    Mer Von Leon War Boots
    Tyrant Hyades Boots
    Tyrant Hermes Boots
    Tyrant Charon Boots
    Tyrant Lycaon Boots
    Tyrant Altair Boots
    Unleashed Boots
    Proton Boots
    Beryl Boots
    Spark Fairy Boots
    Gold Label Knight Shoes
    FrontierA Amethysian Shoes
    Necromancer Warrior Shoes
    Necromancer Magician Shoes
    Necromancer Sentinel Shoes
    Necromancer Chaser Shoes
    Necromancer Skipper Shoes
    Royal Von Leon Warrior Boots
    Royal Von Leon Mage Boots
    Royal Von Leon Sentinel Boots
    Royal Von Leon Chaser Boots
    Royal Von Leon Skipper Boots
    AbsoLab Knight Shoes
    AbsoLab Mage Shoes
    AbsoLab Archer Shoes
    AbsoLab Bandit Shoes
    AbsoLab Pirate Shoes
    Maple Treasure Shoes
    Arcane Umbra Knight Shoes
    Arcane Umbra Mage Shoes
    Arcane Umbra Archer Shoes
    Arcane Umbra Bandit Shoes
    Arcane Umbra Pirate Shoes

    Shining Rod
    Dragon Tail Thanatos
    Alma Von Leon Glorier
    Hex Von Leon Glorier
    Necro Shining Rod
    Loveless Dead End
    Unleashed Light Sage Wing
    Spark Fairy Light Sage Wing
    Fafnir Mana Cradle
    Scarlet Thanatos
    Onyx Maple Rod
    Chaos Potion
    FrontierA Amethysian Shining Rod
    FrontierB Black Shining Rod
    FrontierC White Shining Rod
    Meister Thanatos
    Amaranthine Shining Rod
    Azure Shining Rod
    Maple Saint Shining Rod
    Zakum's Poisonic Shining Rod
    Royal Von Leon Glorier
    AbsoLab Shining Rod
    Frozen Shining Rod
    Maple Treasure Shining Rod
    Arcane Umbra Shining Rod
    AbsoLab Shining Rod
    AbsoLab Shining Rod
    Override Shining Rod

    Soul Shooter
    Shark Tooth Soul Drinker
    Cora Von Leon White Worm
    Mer Von Leon White Worm
    Necro Purple Dragon
    Loveless Purple Dragon
    Unleashed Redworm
    Spark Fairy Redworm
    Fafnir Angelic Shooter
    Scarlet Angelic Shooter
    Onyx Maple Soul Shooter
    Chaos Potion
    FrontierA Amethysian Soul Shooter
    FrontierB Black Soul Shooter
    FrontierC White Soul Shooter
    Meister Angelic Shooter
    Amaranthine Soul Shooter
    Azure Soul Shooter
    Maple Saint Soul Shooter
    Zakum's Poisonic Soul Shooter
    Royal Von Leon White Worm
    AbsoLab Soul Shooter
    Frozen Soul Shooter
    Maple Treasure Soul Shooter
    Arcane Umbra Soul Shooter
    AbsoLab Soul Shooter
    AbsoLab Soul Shooter
    Override Soul Shooter

    Lionheart Painful Destiny
    Marx Von Leon Blood Fury
    Victor Von Leon Blood Fury
    Necro Grim Seeker
    Loveless Grim Seeker
    Unleashed Brand Edge
    Spark Fairy Brand Edge
    Fafnir Death Bringer
    Scarlet Death Bringer
    Onyx Maple Devil Sword
    Chaos Potion
    FrontierA Amethysian Devil Sword
    FrontierB Black Devil Sword
    FrontierC White Devil Sword
    Meister Death Bringer
    Amaranthine Grim Seeker
    Azure Grim Seeker
    Maple Saint Devil Sword
    Zakun' Poisonic Desperado
    Royal Von Leon Blood Fury
    AbsoLab Desperado
    Frozen Devil Sword
    Maple Treasure Devil Sword
    Arcane Umbra Desperado
    AbsoLab Desperado
    AbsoLab Desperado
    Override Devil Sword

    Whip Blade
    Shark Tooth Fallen Queen
    Cora Von Leon Energy Chain
    Mer Von Leon Energy Chain
    Necro Hefty Head
    Raven Horn Fallen Queen
    Loveless Hefty Head
    Nox Von Leon Energy Chain
    Unleashed Diode
    Scar Von Leon Energy Chain
    Spark Fairy Diode
    Fafnir Split Edge
    Fafnir Split Edge
    Scarlet Split Edge
    Scarlet Split Edge
    Onyx Maple Chain Sword
    FrontierA Amethysian Chain Sword
    FrontierB Black Chain Sword
    FrontierC White Chain Sword
    Meister Split Edge
    Amaranthine Energy Sword
    Azure Energy Sword
    Maple Saint Chain Sword
    Zakum's Poisonic Whip Blade
    Royal Von Leon Energy Chain
    AbsoLab Whip Blade
    Frozen Chain Sword
    Maple Treasure Chain Sword
    AbsoLab Whip Blade
    Arcane Umbra Energy Chain
    Arcane Umbra Energy Chain
    AbsoLab Whip Blade
    AbsoLab Whip Blade
    AbsoLab Whip Blade
    Override Chain Sword
    Necro Stabber

    Kitten Tail Scepter
    Fafnir Scepter
    Alma Von Leon's Scepter
    Hex Von Leon's Scepter
    Necro Kitten Soul Scepter
    Loveless Kitty Pride
    Ardentmill Lumiclaw Scepter
    Scarlet Scepter
    Onyx Maple Scepter
    Zakum's Poisonic Shining Stick
    Royal Von Leon Stick
    Maple Saint Scepter
    AbsoLab Scepter
    Frozen Maple Scepter
    Maple Treasure Scepter
    Arcane Umbra Scepter
    AbsoLab Scepter
    Override Scepter

    Zakum Psy-limiter
    Necromancer Psy-limiter
    Royal Von Leon Psy-limiter
    Dragon Tail Psy-limiter
    Fafnir Psy-limiter
    AbsoLab Psy-limiter
    Black Psy-limiter
    Meister Psy-limiter
    Maple Treasure Psy-limiter
    Arcane Umbra Psy-limiter
    AbsoLab Psy-limiter
    AbsoLab Psy-limiter
    Override Psy-limiter
    Onyx Maple Psy-limiter

    Necromancer Chain
    Royal Von Leon Chain
    Raven Horn Chain
    Fafnir Chain
    AbsoLab Chain
    Arcane Umbra Chain
    Meister Chain
    Onyx Maple Chain
    Zakum's Poisonic Chain
    AbsoLab Chain
    Black Chain
    Maple Saint Chain

    Lucent Gauntlet
    Necromancer Lucent Gauntlet
    Royal Von Leon Lucent Gauntlet
    Dragontail Lucent Gauntlet
    Fafnir Lucent Gauntlet
    AbsoLab Lucent Gauntlet
    Arcane Umbra Lucent Gauntlet
    Meister Lucent Gauntlet
    Frozen Lucent Gauntlet
    Zakum's Poisonic Lucent Gauntlet
    AbsoLab Lucent Gauntlet
    Maple Saint Lucent Gauntlet
    Onyx Maple Lucent Gauntlet

    One-Handed Sword
    Glowing Whip
    Marx Von Leon Sabre
    Lionheart Cutlass
    Victor Von Leon Sabre
    Marx Von Leon Sabre
    Necro Terror
    Loveless Executioner
    Unleashed Khan
    Spark Fairy Khan
    Fafnir Mistilteinn
    Scarlet Gladius
    Onyx Maple Sword
    Chaos Potion
    FrontierA Amethysian Gladius
    FrontierB Black Sword
    FrontierC White Sword
    Meister Gladius
    Courage Wings
    Amaranthine Gladius
    Azure Gladius
    Maple Saint Sword
    Zakum's Poisonic Sword
    Royal Von Leon Saber
    AbsoLab Saber
    Frozen Sword
    Maple Treasure Sword
    Arcane Umbra Saber
    AbsoLab Saber
    AbsoLab Saber
    Override Sword

    One-Handed Axe
    Lionheart Champion Axe
    Marx Von Leon Axe
    Victor Von Leon Axe
    Marx Von Leon Axe
    Necro Headsplitter
    Loveless Bardiche
    Unleashed Gaea
    Spark Fairy Gaea
    Fafnir Twin Cleaver
    Scarlet War Cleaver
    Onyx Maple Axe
    Chaos Potion
    FrontierA Amethysian Counter
    FrontierB Black Axe
    FrontierC White Axe
    Meister War Cleaver
    Courage Wings
    Amaranthine Counter
    Azure Counter
    Maple Saint Axe
    Zakum's Poisonic Axe
    Royal Von Leon Axe
    AbsoLab Axe
    Frozen Axe
    Maple Treasure Axe
    Arcane Umbra Axe
    AbsoLab Axe
    AbsoLab Axe
    Override Axe

    One-Handed Blunt Weapon
    Lionheart Battle Hammer
    Marx Von Leon Hammer
    Victor Von Leon Hammer
    Marx Von Leon Hammer
    Necro Hammer
    Loveless Allargando
    Unleashed Heaven's Justice
    Spark Fairy Heaven's Justice
    Fafnir Guardian Hammer
    Scarlet War Hammer
    Onyx Maple Mace
    Chaos Potion
    FrontierA Amethysian Golden Hammer
    FrontierB Black Mace
    FrontierC White Mace
    Meister Warhammer
    Courage Wings
    Amaranthine Mace
    Azure Mace
    Maple Saint Mace
    Zakum's Poisonic Hammer
    Royal Von Leon Hammer
    AbsoLab Bit Hammer
    Frozen Mace
    Maple Treasure Mace
    Arcane Umbra Hammer
    AbsoLab Bit Hammer
    AbsoLab Bit Hammer
    Override Mace

    Nox Von Leon Dagger
    Raven Horn Baselard
    Scar Von Leon Dagger
    Nox Von Leon Dagger
    Necro Slayer
    Necro Pescas
    Loveless Pescas
    Unleashed Angelic Betrayal
    Spark Fairy Angelic Betrayal
    Fafnir Damascus
    Scarlet Angelic Betrayal
    Onyx Maple Cutter
    Chaos Potion
    FrontierA Amethysian Kanzir
    FrontierB Black Cutter
    FrontierC White Cutter
    Meister Angelic Betrayal
    Courage Wings
    Amaranthine Dagger
    Azure Dagger
    Maple Saint Cutter
    Zakum's Poisonic Dagger
    Royal Von Leon Dagger
    AbsoLab Blade Lord
    Frozen Cutter
    Maple Treasure Cutter
    Arcane Umbra Dagger
    AbsoLab Blade Lord
    AbsoLab Blade Lord
    Override Dagger

    Loveless Katara
    Scarlet Katara
    Meister Katara
    AbsoLab Katara
    Maple Treasure Katara
    Arcane Umbra Katara
    AbsoLab Katara
    AbsoLab Katara

    Raven Horn Crimson Cane
    Nox Von Leon Cane
    Scar Von Leon Cane
    Necro Jester
    Loveless Persona
    Unleashed Majesty Cane
    Spark Fairy Majesty Cane
    Fafnir Ciel Claire
    Scarlet Persona
    Onyx Maple Cane
    Chaos Potion
    FrontierA Amethysian Arc 'en Ciel
    FrontierB Black Cane
    FrontierC White Cane
    Meister Persona
    Amaranthine Canne Mystique
    Azure Canne Mystique
    Maple Saint Cane
    Zakum's Poisonic Cane
    Royal Von Leon Cane
    AbsoLab Forked Cane
    Frozen Cane
    Maple Treasure Cane
    Arcane Umbra Cane
    AbsoLab Forked Cane
    AbsoLab Forked Cane
    Override Cane

    Alma Von Leon Wand
    Dragon Tail Arc Wand
    Hex Von Leon Wand
    Alma Von Leon Wand
    Necro Wand
    Loveless Enlil Tear
    Unleashed Phoenix Wand
    Spark Fairy Phoenix Wand
    Fafnir Mana Taker
    Scarlet Evil Wand
    Onyx Maple Wand
    Chaos Potion
    FrontierA Amethysian Double Wing
    FrontierB Black Wand
    FrontierC White Wand
    Meister Evil Wand
    Wings of Wisdom
    Amaranthine Magic Wand
    Azure Magic Wand
    Maple Saint Wand
    Zakum's Poisonic Wand
    Royal Von Leon Wand
    AbsoLab Spellsong Wand
    Frozen Wand
    Maple Treasure Wand
    Arcane Umbra Wand
    AbsoLab Spellsong Wand
    AbsoLab Spellsong Wand
    Override Wand

    Alma Von Leon Staff
    Dragon Tail War Staff
    Hex Von Leon Staff
    Alma Von Leon Staff
    Necro Rod
    Loveless Aeas Hand
    Unleashed Kage
    Spark Fairy Kage
    Fafnir Mana Crown
    Scarlet Battle Staff
    Onyx Maple Staff
    Chaos Potion
    FrontierA Amethysian Pain Killer
    FrontierB Black Staff
    FrontierC White Staff
    Meister Battle Staff
    Wings of Wisdom
    Alicia's Mutated Staff
    Alicia's Brilliance
    Amaranthine Magic Staff
    Azure Magic Staff
    Maple Saint Staff
    Zakum's Poisonic Staff
    Royal Von Leon Staff
    AbsoLab Spellsong Staff
    Frozen Staff
    Maple Treasure Staff
    Arcane Umbra Staff
    AbsoLab Spellsong Staff
    AbsoLab Spellsong Staff
    Override Staff

    Two-Handed Sword
    Marx Von Leon Sword
    Lionheart Battle Scimitar
    Victor Von Leon Sword
    Marx Von Leon Sword
    Necro Zweihander
    Loveless Nibleheim
    Unleashed Heaven's Gate
    Spark Fairy Heaven's Gate
    Fafnir Penitent Tears
    Scarlet Claymore
    Onyx Maple Two-handed Sword
    Chaos Potion
    Meister Claymore
    FrontierA Amethysian Claymore
    FrontierB Black Two-Handed Sword
    FrontierC White Two-Handed Sword
    Valiant Wings
    Ryude's Sword
    Amaranthine Claymore
    Azure Claymore
    Maple Saint Two-Handed Sword
    Zakum's Poisonic Two-handed Sword
    Royal Von Leon Sword
    AbsoLab Broad Saber
    Frozen Two-handed Sword
    Maple Treasure Two-Handed Sword
    Arcane Umbra Two-handed Sword
    AbsoLab Broad Saber
    AbsoLab Broad Saber
    Override Two-Handed Sword

    Two-Handed Axe
    Lionheart Battle Axe
    Necro Giant Axe
    Loveless Tabarzin
    Unleashed Helios
    Spark Fairy Helios
    Fafnir Battle Cleaver
    Scarlet Battle Axe
    Onyx Maple Two-handed Axe
    Chaos Potion
    FrontierA Amethysian Butterfly
    FrontierB Black Two-Handed Axe
    FrontierC White Two-Handed Axe
    Meister Battle Axe
    Valiant Wings
    Amaranthine Great Axe
    Azure Great Axe
    Maple Saint Two-Handed Axe
    Zakum's Poisonic Two-handed Axe
    AbsoLab Broad Axe
    Frozen Two-handed Axe
    Royal Von Leon Two-Handed Axe
    Maple Treasure Two-Handed Axe
    Arcane Umbra Two-Handed Axe
    AbsoLab Broad Axe
    AbsoLab Broad Axe
    Override Two-Handed Axe

    Two-Handed Blunt Weapon
    Lionheart Blast Maul
    Necro Maul
    Loveless Bellocce
    Unleashed Morningstar
    Spark Fairy Morningstar
    Fafnir Lightning Striker
    Scarlet Battle Hammer
    Onyx Maple Maul
    Chaos Potion
    FrontierA Amethysian Big Maul
    FrontierB Black Maul
    FrontierC White Maul
    Meister Battle Hammer
    Valiant Wings
    Amaranthine Great Maul
    Azure Great Maul
    Maple Saint Maul
    Zakum's Poisonic Sledgehammer
    AbsoLab Broad Hammer
    Frozen Maul
    Royal Von Leon Two-Handed Hammer
    Maple Treasure Maul
    Arcane Umbra Two-Handed Hammer
    AbsoLab Broad Hammer
    AbsoLab Broad Hammer
    Override Maul

    Marx Von Leon Spear
    Lionheart Fuscina
    Victor Von Leon Spear
    Marx Von Leon Spear
    Necro Spear
    Loveless Alchupiz
    Unleashed Omega Spear
    Spark Fairy Omega Spear
    Fafnir Brionak
    Scarlet Battle Spear
    Onyx Maple Spear
    Chaos Potion
    FrontierA Amethysian Omni Pierce
    FrontierB Black Spear
    FrontierC White Spear
    Meister Battle Spear
    Valiant Wings
    Amaranthine Spear
    Azure Spear
    Maple Saint Spear
    Zakum's Poisonic Spear
    Royal Von Leon Spear
    AbsoLab Piercing Spear
    Frozen Spear
    Maple Treasure Spear
    Arcane Umbra Spear
    AbsoLab Piercing Spear
    AbsoLab Piercing Spear
    Override Spear

    Pole Arm
    Marx Von Leon Halberd
    Lionheart Partisan
    Victor Von Leon Hellslayer
    Marx Von Leon Halberd
    Necro Polearm
    Loveless Diesra
    Unleashed Eclipse
    Spark Fairy Eclipse
    Fafnir Moon Glaive
    Scarlet Hellslayer
    Onyx Maple Polearm
    Chaos Potion
    FrontierA Amethysian Halfmoon
    FrontierB Black Pole Arm
    FrontierC White Pole Arm
    Meister Hellslayer
    Valiant Wings
    Amaranthine Polearm
    Azure Polearm
    Maple Saint Polearm
    Zakum's Poisonic Polearm
    Royal Von Leon Hellslayer
    AbsoLab Hellslayer
    Frozen Pole Arm
    Maple Treasure Polearm
    Arcane Umbra Polearm
    AbsoLab Hellslayer
    AbsoLab Hellslayer
    Override Polearm

    Fox Von Leon Bow
    Falcon Wing Composite Bow
    Celine Von Leon Bow
    Fox Von Leon Bow
    Necro Longbow
    Loveless Engaw
    Unleashed Marine Arund
    Spark Fairy Marine Arund
    Fafnir Wind Chaser
    Scarlet Battle Bow
    Onyx Maple Longbow
    Chaos Potion
    FrontierA Amethysian Ash Lord
    FrontierB Black Longbow
    FrontierC White Longbow
    Meister Battle Bow
    Swift Wings
    Amaranthine Ashen Bow
    Azure Ashen Bow
    Maple Saint Longbow
    Zakum's Poisonic Bow
    Royal Von Leon Bow
    AbsoLab Sureshot Bow
    Frozen Longbow
    Maple Treasure Longbow
    Arcane Umbra Bow
    AbsoLab Sureshot Bow
    AbsoLab Sureshot Bow
    Override Longbow

    Fox Von Leon Crossbow
    Falcon Wing Heavy Crossbow
    Celine Von Leon Crossbow
    Fox Von Leon Crossbow
    Necro Crossbow
    Loveless Black Beauty
    Unleashed Marine Raven
    Spark Fairy Marine Raven
    Fafnir Windwing Shooter
    Scarlet Crossbow
    Onyx Maple Crossbow
    Chaos Potion
    FrontierA Amethysian Lock
    FrontierB Black Crow
    FrontierC White Crow
    Meister Crossbow
    Swift Wings
    Amaranthine Crossbow
    Azure Crossbow
    Maple Saint Crossbow
    Zakum's Poisonic Crossbow
    Royal Von Leon Crossbow
    AbsoLab Crossbow
    Frozen Crossbow
    Maple Treasure Crossbow
    Arcane Umbra Crossbow
    AbsoLab Crossbow
    AbsoLab Crossbow
    Override Crossbow

    Nox Von Leon Guards
    Raven Horn Metal Fist
    Scar Von Leon Guards
    Nox Von Leon Guards
    Necro Bloody Mist
    Loveless Lampion
    Unleashed Black Mamba
    Spark Fairy Black Mamba
    Fafnir Risk Holder
    Scarlet Dark Slain
    Onyx Maple Steer
    Chaos Potion
    FrontierA Amethysian Black Justice
    FrontierB Black Steer
    FrontierC White Steer
    Meister Dark Slain
    Triumphant Wings
    Amaranthine Claw
    Azure Claw
    Maple Saint Stinger
    Zakum's Poisonic Guards
    Royal Von Leon Guards
    AbsoLab Revenge Guard
    Frozen Steer
    Maple Treasure Thief Claw
    Arcane Umbra Guards
    AbsoLab Revenge Guards
    AbsoLab Revenge Guards
    Override Steer

    Cora Von Leon Claw
    Shark Tooth Wild Talon
    Mer Von Leon Claw
    Cora Von Leon Claw
    Necro Wolf
    Loveless Equinox
    Unleashed Steel Renault
    Spark Fairy Steel Renault
    Fafnir Perry Talon
    Scarlet Griffey Claw
    Onyx Maple Grip
    Chaos Potion
    FrontierA Amethysian Bloody Claw
    FrontierB Black Grip
    FrontierC White Grip
    Meister Griffey Claw
    Triumphant Wings
    Amaranthine Fist
    Azure Fist
    Maple Saint Grip
    Zakum's Poisonic Knuckle
    Royal Von Leon Claw
    AbsoLab Blast Knuckle
    Frozen Grip
    Maple Treasure Grip
    Arcane Umbra Knuckle
    AbsoLab Blast Knuckle
    AbsoLab Blast Knuckle
    Override Grip

    Cora Von Leon Pistol
    Shark Tooth Sharpshooter
    Mer Von Leon Pistol
    Cora Von Leon Pistol
    Necro Eagle
    Loveless Blindness
    Unleashed Infinity's Wrath
    Spark Fairy Infinity's Wrath
    Fafnir Zeliska
    Scarlet Infinity's Wrath
    Onyx Maple Shooter
    Chaos Potion
    FrontierA Amethysian Queen's Finger
    FrontierB Black Shooter
    FrontierC White Shooter
    Meister Infinity's Wrath
    Triumphant Wings
    Amaranthine Revolver
    Azure Revolver
    Maple Saint Shooter
    Zakum's Poisonic Gun
    Royal Von Leon Pistol
    AbsoLab Point Gun
    Frozen Shooter
    Maple Treasure Shooter
    Arcane Umbra Pistol
    AbsoLab Point Gun
    AbsoLab Point Gun
    Override Gun

    Dual Bowguns
    Falcon Wing Dual Bowguns
    Fox Von Leon Dual Bowguns
    Celine Von Leon Dual Bowguns
    Fox Von Leon Dual Bowguns
    Necro Dual Bowguns
    Loveless Blooms
    Unleashed Sylvan Hunters
    Spark Fairy Sylvan Hunters
    Fafnir Dual Windwing
    Scarlet Eagle Wings
    Onyx Maple Twin Angels
    Chaos Potion
    FrontierA Amethysian Argents
    FrontierB Black Double Wing
    FrontierC White Double Wing
    Meister Eagle Wing
    Amaranthine Dual Bowguns
    zure Dual Bowguns
    Maple Saint Twin Angels
    Zakum's Poisonic Dual Bowguns
    Royal Von Leon Dual Bowguns
    AbsoLab Dual Bowguns
    Frozen Twin Angels
    Maple Treasure Twin Angels
    Arcane Umbra Dual Bowguns
    AbsoLab Dual Bowguns
    AbsoLab Dual Bowguns
    Override Twin Angels

    Hand Cannon
    Shark Tooth Supernova
    Cora Von Leon Siege Gun
    Mer Von Leon Siege Gun
    Cora Von Leon Siege Gun
    Necro Oblivion
    Loveless Eradicator
    Unleashed Deck Sweeper
    Spark Fairy Deck Sweeper
    Fafnir Lost Cannon
    Scarlet Crash
    Onyx Maple Cannon
    FrontierA Amethysian Crash
    FrontierB Black Cannon
    FrontierC White Cannon
    Meister Crash
    Amaranthine Cannon
    Azure Cannon
    Maple Saint Cannon
    Zakum's Poisonic Hand Cannon
    Royal Von Leon Siege Gun
    AbsoLab Blast Cannon
    Frozen Cannon
    Maple Treasure Cannon
    AbsoLab Blast Cannon
    Arcane Umbra Siege Gun
    AbsoLab Blast Cannon
    Override Cannon

    Marx Von Leon's Ethereal Great Sword
    Necromancer's Blade
    Fafnir Raven Ring
    Scarlet Katana
    Meister Katana
    FrontierA Amethysian Katana
    FrontierB Black Katana
    FrontierC White Katana
    Amaranthine Katana
    Azure Katana
    Zakum's Poisonic Katana
    Royal Von Leon Katana
    Maple Saint Katana
    AbsoLab Katana
    Arcane Umbra Katana
    AbsoLab Katana
    Override Katana

    Alma Von Leon Paranormal Fan
    Necromancer's Fan
    Fafnir Indigo Flash
    Scarlet Fan
    Meister Wind
    FrontierA Amethysian Fan
    FrontierB Black Fan
    FrontierC White Fan
    Amaranthine Fan
    Azure Fan
    Zakum's Poisonic Fan
    Royal Von Leon Fan
    Maple Saint Fan
    AbsoLab Summoner
    Arcane Umbra Fan
    AbsoLab Summoner
    Override Fan

    Gauntlet Revolver
    Zakum's Arm Cannon
    Necromancer Gigas
    Royal Von Leon Ymir
    Lionheart Valore
    Fafnir Big Mountain
    AbsoLab Pile God
    Special Arm Cannon
    Meister Titan
    Arcane Umbra Ellaha
    AbsoLab Pile God
    AbsoLab Pile God
    Override Arm Cannon
    Onyx Maple Arm Cannon
    Maple Saint Arm Cannon



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