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  1. Default "Let it go, let it gooo" Festival

    In regards to an official Classic server, I think the timing is right to bring the curtain down for a while. One reaction could be to get bitter or enraged with Nexon but instead I choose to celebrate this moment. To mark the occasion, I will be having a forum party thread where the theme is Legacy Maplestory. This will not merely be a Pikamemnon thread but the ultimate Pikamemnon thread! Its gonna be huge, there will be balloons, cake, furries, events, cosplayers, ponies, magicians, clowns, mimes and anything that can be imagined which could fit into a convention center. They call me Pikamemnon and I will be your host, so without further ado let the festivities begin!

    Seriously, Nexon should just hire me to be the ambassador and President of Classic Maplestory. (I would be so good at that job) I have to do stuff in this thread later on so if anyone wants to skip ahead, I won't hold it against them. For starters I would picture a space that resembles the Malaysia Fantasy theme park. (Codys theme park?) If you are up to date with One Piece then thinking of something almost as extravagant as Big moms wedding would also be appropriate. (no spoilers please!) I am going to take you folks around the festival briefly and visit a few attractions.

    First up is a Nexon bashing tent. It seems to be not much more than a Nexon shaped pinata mini game with a stick. The line for this is really, really long. Earlier I talked with some people waiting in line and strangely enough, most of them do not have specific feedback that they would like delivered. Apparently the pinata mini game is just fun for some reason. If you look over to the side there is a fenced area filled with horses. (a horse doctor explains why these animals are special) Thanks to consulting an expert by the name of Starlight Glimmer and the power of science, these horses have been bred to be completely immortal! Additionally they have been taught how to Play dead. No matter how many times they are "beaten to death" they will never ever die and feel no pain what so ever!

    As a matter of fact, our special horses became so smart that we decided to pay them for their time and efforts here today. Part of the idea for the unkillable horses came from the gameplay in Maplestory. Players slay lots and lots of mobs but the monsters always reappear, smiling and ready for more. Could the mobs in the game be immortal and only pretend to die? Or could there be another universe where monsters log in to their own version of Maplestory and try to defeat the evil humans? Or perhaps its all just because of magic?

    Thank you horse doctor, I believe that a fruit cocktail table is setup someplace but they mostly only have pomegranate dishes and desserts. I requested peaches but its 50/50 if they will make it in time. (I know the swear filter changes the meaning of that but IRL I really do like peaches)

    Alright everyone this brings us to the center stage. (outdoors) Notice that the actors are finishing a dramatic re-enactment of a scene from Harry Potter. People say Magical girl but does it sound odd to say Magical boy? I think wizard does sound a little better. Ok, I have to go get ready for the next show about Classic Maplestory so I am going to leave all of you with this trustworthy looking person who is standing nearby.
    (the camera gets handed to a furry in a costume)

    (the furry delivers the camera safely to a great viewing spot for the stage)
    It waves goodbye before leaving, that was a very reliable furry.

    An awesome silence grips the crowd as the narrator (it's me) begins to speak.

    I am about ready to take a break from having involvement in trying to get an official Classic server but before that there are a few more things that I wanted to say. First I want to thank all the players on Pizza slices, the players on the regular servers, the trolls, Nexon and also all the agents of Nexon. By learning about the opinions of all these different groups it has helped me to define and forge my point of view on the game. If I had one more chance to speak with Nexon about this, I would try to remove any barriers that could impede a Classic server for them. I may not have flawless knowledge but I can make some scientific estimates according to what I have learned from others.

    (Battle begins, dramatic music plays)
    Potential barrier #1: There is no need for an Official server because Pizza slices exist.
    Lets be real, a faceless corporation like Nexon is probably never going to be able to match the one to one attention from a small server. But I think that Nexon does not need to either. Nexon should just be Nexon and do what it can. It is disingenuous to claim that there should not be an official Classic server because of Pizza slices. That would be like claiming anybody can cook a hamburger on the street because the sun made it warm. Since roads can get hot due to the sun, this statement almost sounds reasonable but most people can tell that this is not a viable answer with enough due diligence. Maybe it could work under extremely special circumstances but not normally. Pizza slices and an Official server would exist in different worlds, there might be some similarities but ultimately they would be different and unique in their own ways. Which is not to endorse either but only that the existence of one should not prevent the existence of the other.
    (scene ends)

    (Battle begins, epic and dramatic music plays)
    Potential barrier #2: An Official Classic server would cost too much and would not be "worth it".
    I have a confession to make. Almost all of the times I talked about bringing back Classic Maplestory, there was also something else I was trying to revive. You could call it similar to hero worship but the other one I have been trying to bring back was Nexon. You are probably thinking that Nexon is still alive and that nothing happened to it. Well I'm referring to the Pre Big bang, younger Nexon, I guess you could say. The part of Nexon that took a chance in brining Maplestory overseas when there was no guarantee of success. The Nexon that allowed players to get trapped at the bottom of Eos tower and the one that opened New Leaf city. Sure Nexon is still around but it has changed, time has done things to Nexon.

    The Maplestory and the Nexon that I knew when I first met (for lack of a better word) them had constructed a fascinating world. I am not going to say it was a perfect world of equality but it was a place where free and paying players could seamlessly adventure side by side. I had never heard of the term "Whale" in Maplestory until sometime after Big bang. If a newcomer were to ask about whales then what can be said? "If I become a whale then does that mean I win the game?" I don't know how to answer that, I don't know kid. I'm not sure that anyone knows anymore. Would everyone be a whale if they could? This is a strange question for the game. Had Maplestory morphed into Moby plantain story?

    Going back to the early days inside of this fantasy world that was real but also not real. In Maplestory it was ok to die from monsters and it was ok to learn about gambling with scrolls because it was a simulated environment. Which meant a player could lose big time or do something dumb but still be ok IRL. (probably depends on a persons spending habits back then but this is still mostly true for all intents and purposes) I would say the early Maplestory could have passed as a tool for both education and entertainment. Not simply keeping players busy but also teaching them lessons and making people smarter. The brain melting grind served to help players realize when enough was enough but at the same time, it provided a mental obstacle for the truly dedicated to try and overcome if they so dared. (a little like playing with a hot potato)

    The way I see Nexon and Maplestory today are two things that have lost their way a bit. (though its still a matter of opinion) Maplestory was a game that had transcended the sum of its parts and had become something more. If you have seen my other threads then I think you have an idea of how I feel about the current direction of Nexon and the game. They didn't used to be like this, so I hope everyone remembers to try and not be too hard on them. I have seen many wishes for Classic Maplestory to return. Even if its not possible to brute force the dream to come true, we can still remember the good times and pass along the baton for the next person.

    The flame of Classic Maple will never go out so in that sense an official server is not needed. However it would still be nice to have so that newer players would get a chance to test their mettle or for older and wiser players to get another shot. Maple rule number 1, the game is a grind fest. Anything that does not acknowledge this fact is plainly denying the true nature of Maplestory. I can appreciate that Nexon added new variations of grinding but I do not think it should be impossible to imagine that some players just want the original flavor.

    The real question is, if it would cost a lot then wouldn't an official Classic server not be worth the trouble? It is a mark of wisdom to consider the risk and possible uncertainty so I will give some credit for that. I think the answer here depends on a lot of stuff. For instance, how would you rate the Word of mouth for Maplestory right at this moment? If there was an older version Maple next to a newer version then do you believe that would help there be more players or less? How much value should one place on the Word of mouth from the kind of players that a Classic server would attract?

    Early Maplestory meant a lot of things to different people. Maybe cherished memories from that period of time or any number of other experiences that could generate a list which could go on forever. One thing for me is that in that idealized world, the best players were the ones who were the most hardcore. Not only that but it was somehow different from the real world, Maple was a place where money was not all powerful. Yet, Maplestory did exist in the real world. I dare say that world from the past was like magic. Of course it is also truth that the grueling progression could make people feel ill in an instant. Maplestory is a slow leveling, mindless and repetitive RPG where everyone more or less spends their time doing the same tasks over and over again and it can also sponge your money away if you are not careful. But you see, I recognized the true Maplestory from the beginning which is why I was so impressed at what Pre Big bang Maple grew into.

    Maplestory does not have as many players as it had before. I think it was suicidal for Nexon to ban talk about Old Maple on the official forums. Or rather it looks suicidal to have the ban and to keep the ban. (but thats just my opinion) How much is nostalgia worth in dollars? Can we put a price tag on preserving the original and true form of Maplestory? For all the players who had their PreBB dreams broken or lost their hope, I will keep believing that one day Nexon might wake up and redeem itself to the players who like Classic Maplestory. Before this I did not give Classic Maple much thought but I wonder if it is one of those things where you don't realize how much it meant until it was gone? Hard to say, since I have generally liked aspects of both new and old Maplestory.

    According to the last official answer that I remember, Classic Maplestory is considered "not a priority" (similar answer to the one that was in the live Q&A some months ago) which is still a lot better than a "No, this will never happen." And hey, if there can be redemption for someone like Darth vader then surely Nexon still has a chance, right? The announcement of flames for GMS helped me realize something and that is certain players liked Classic Maple because it was simple. That is literally the reason why. You guys tell me, is the legacy of Maplestory something precious and worth the investment or is it forgettable?
    (end scene)

    The actors go on stage and wave.

    Nexons task is to make choices which are good for the company and good for Maplestory. I can only hope that someday those interests will once again include the true form of Maplestory in all of its glory. Thank you everyone and good night!

    (The curtains drop)
    Voice over begins playing: "The cold never bothered me anyways"

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    You know, even after 10 years I’m still glad you’re pomegranateposting.

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    Some things never change.

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    is this a motherpineappleing screenplay for the sole purpose of asking for a pre-bb server?

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    What the pineapple have I just (not) read.



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