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  1. Default I think it is about time for Maplestory to close down

    This thought comes from my brain, as well as from my heart.

    Nexon, we used to be tight. I know that there is still good in there because I have seen it but something is amiss. With several new updates around the corner the game must be better than ever but is it really? I think not. I am afraid that this entire enterprise has entered scam territory.

    I suppose its only fair that I make the distinction between the game on the surface and what is underneath. The surface seems fine but I am concerned about the money eating pit that appears to have taken over. Players come in, get Nx cash then the maximum power level rises SOMEHOW which requires players to get more power and then the process is repeated. Waiting until people pour lots of time and maybe hundreds of dollars into achieving a high level of strength only to change up the game and render countless players efforts worthless is not cool.

    If that was not enough then came the domination of the cube system. So not only have veterans from the early generations of Maple had their hard work trivialized (by easier leveling) but now the cost to be among the best is now heavily cash oriented.

    Don't get me wrong, from a purely business perspective changes like those probably sound good. Perhaps it was always the plan for Maplestory to turn out this way but at some point (which I am not certain of) a line was crossed and the game became a "bad" thing on the inside. Yes games need to make cash and yes, profit is important but at what price? In my opinion, games exist to serve their customers or in this case their community. The minute, no the instant that a game puts the pursuit of grabbing cash above the customer then I believe that is when that game has failed. Its fine that an alternative was introduced with Reboot but one of the original unhealthy habit forming items remain untouched on standard worlds. Its true that customers are free to spend how they wish but all I am saying is that buyers should beware.

    Maple has not 100% failed yet. However that is largely due to (perhaps) newer players because as I see it, the long time veterans have been let down and betrayed. I'm not saying its not good for business just that certain choices were made and the ones who took the biggest hits were the players who were the most loyal. Even still the cycle continues with new unaware people going in to replace the old ones like a variety of expendable fodder.

    I believe that Maplestory is capable of being better than this. I would be lying if I said that having more characters and classes from Grandis was not nice but I place a higher priority on stopping what I consider to be a less than good influence for the larger game world. On the surface I would say that there is "technically" nothing wrong with the current Maplestory but I really would like something to be done about the potential cubes.

    Finding out more about evil commander Will piques my interest as much as the next Zero fan but if a game of this nature cant make things right for its primary audience from long ago and is just going to keep producing disappointed people then maybe the time has arrived to shut it down.
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  2. Default Re: I think it is about time for Maplestory to close down

    stop complaining and go play on the reboot world.....

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    Default Re: I think it is about time for Maplestory to close down

    A game is shut down once it stop beying profitable, there won't be any uptates once that happen, i speak by experience, in Brazil Maple Story, we had no uptates for a while before they anounced they would close, pretty sure GMS isn't that bad, just because you say in your opinion, maple should shut down, doesn't mean it will, it's a bit ridiculous, unless you are like the guy who made flappybird and made the game go down.

  4. Default Re: I think it is about time for Maplestory to close down

    yea lol this miracle time nexon probably made 1mil or more usd from cubes itself

    im sure most of the mapler spen atleast 100$ on cubes some spen thousand

  5. Default Re: I think it is about time for Maplestory to close down

    Maple Story is still one of the top games in South Korea. Nexon's #2 game behind Dungeon Fighter Online.

    It's never shutting down. Especially not when other games from the era like Mabinogi and even Ragnarok Online are still going.

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    Default Re: I think it is about time for Maplestory to close down

    i think it's time you stop making pointless rage posts

    go play vertisy or something

  7. Default Re: I think it is about time for Maplestory to close down

    This thread isn't specifically "pre-big bang", but you've made thread after thread after thread about how the game is dead, it's horrible, bad, all over, etc.... Yet it's been getting along alright this whole time - we're still getting regular updates, so clearly things aren't as bad as your end of days threads every few months paints them out to be. Why do you keep beating the dead horse? It's just a pile of dust at this point.

  8. Default Re: I think it is about time for Maplestory to close down

    Fifa Online 3 and Sudden Attack are published by Nexon and are more popular and higher ranked than MapleStory and Dungeon Fighter Online in Korea.
    However, MapleStory has always remained strong in the top 10.

  9. Default Re: I think it is about time for Maplestory to close down

    I have often wondered if Maple would be better/ worse if GMS only stuck to a straight port of the Korean version but I remember times when Nexon GMS did make good choices. There is a lot of hit or miss but I like to think that sometimes they do get it right.

    Well played sir, I will have you know that I actually went to go look up what that was btw.

    Geez bruh, gimme a break! Something had been bugging me for a while and it took a really long time to pin it down. Since you went to all the trouble of keeping tabs on some of my forum literature, I shall gladly share some of the reasonings behind some of the ramblings.

    First I should probably put a disclaimer on most of those since I often dabble in worst-case-scenarios. Which means that theres always the chance that the reality is not as dire as it could be inside one of the threads.
    Next its always been my opinion that the game itself is not "bad" nor do I think it will ever reach a point of being beyond repair. However if I notice a large concentration of pomagranates falling from the sky then I will most likely call out those pomagranates.

    Lets just take a look at the current state of affairs:
    The sub reddit can be tough for the uninitiated.

    The official forums should not be taken seriously.
    (believe it or not, this is considered to be one of the more moderate views)

    And given the history, these conditions are not surprising.
    Players before the Big bang were betrayed at around the time of the introduction of cubes. I was fortunate enough to not have been a very high level at the time but even with the years on and off that I had spent playing, I can imagine how much of a blow Big bang could have been for someone who was playing in a committed fashion.

    Dont worry, players who joined during or right after Big bang also get thrown under the Nexon bus! What was one of the defining reasons for having Big bang to begin with? To make it easier to reach 200 and make the game more accessible. So we wait a little while and the level cap jumps up to 250! For someone that wanted to be a top player in the post BB era, that goal suddenly got moved very far away.

    Not only did the Pre Big bang world get ruined but the world after that (the Maple with less grinding) also suffered a similar fate. Its almost poetic at this stage. With the adjustments in job advancements and SP's, I would question if it would have been possible to have simply fit the recent additions into the old 200 level cap, there certainly was plenty of extra space. This cycle might sound like a masochists dream but for the average person, it does not seem like much fun.

    Most of that is history, hindsight and all of that but the question is were those global changes done for the sake of the game or for the sake of making cash? Progression is fine but not so much when it involves betraying the "spirit" of the game.

    To test where on the spectrum the game feels to be borderline scam or not, here are some questions that anyone can try to answer or estimate if you wish.

    1. A new player that starts today in December wants to know how long will it take to reach end game. They dont want to spend money but do have lots of free time.
    For Reboot:
    (And for the sake of argument) For standard:

    2. Another new player has some money and would like to get into an MMO game. He wants to know about end game gear and solo'ing all bosses that can be solo'd.

    How much should he expect to spend?
    How much would be reasonable to spend?
    How much would you recommend he spend?

    Good luck and have fun everyone, happy holidays!
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  10. Default Re: I think it is about time for Maplestory to close down

    You just need to let it go. I literally had 2-3 years of 100% access of all the inner workings of Nexon, along with passing along relevant feedback to the very developers, in addition to anyone relevant. Your suggestions are not falling on deaf ears, they never were, it's really as simple as "It's working, we don't have to take any risks to try to make it better".

    Nexon America is just a shallow extension for international presence, they cannibalize their own games trying to get quick turn overs on them, they're even focusing on getting people to stream their games now for their debuts. There is no point of a discussion because it's not a matter of awareness, it's simply not a worthwhile investment for change. With the recent happenings with EA though, this may change, since lootboxes will be considered gambling; although maplestory revolves more around 'scrolling', I'm sure that conversation will come up.

    Also to answer your questions; I have no idea, but I did look at a private server recently, I have a bunch of casuals who play it, literally have no donation option to buy your gear, it's grinding it out, all pre big bang pomegranate with updates with skills. I really didn't feel like grinding since my main class, dark knight, need all that accuracy shenanigans. Looked up the price people are selling perfect scrolled gear for, I'm thinking you know, like $60-100 bucks max, its a pineappleing private server right?

    $2,400.00 for true end game gear set. On a private server.

  11. Default Re: I think it is about time for Maplestory to close down

    I agree with that sentiment in principle. Eventually everybody will need to step back and let the game run its course and whatever happens will happen. But the time for that has not arrived just yet.

    My objective with this thread is to give an accurate image of what goes on. If anyone is looking for suggestions then I think they would do well to follow some of those links that Justin put up. I mean whether we include Pizza slices in the discussion or we dont, the game of Maple is still in a somewhat precarious position when it comes to certain areas.

    Nexons strategy might look like its working on the surface but there is more to it than just numbers. There isn't anything illegal about it and updating the game is normal too, the thing is just that I think some parts were not handled as well as they could have been.

    If someone only cares about the new stuff then its possible that a lion share of whats mentioned here will not be relevant but new stuff does not stay new forever.

    I was considering another question but it answered itself. "How far could a new player get with 10 dollars?" Then you think about it, what about 20, or 80? As this number keeps climbing higher and higher, someone inside or outside of the company has got to eventually say, "ok this is enough already." but I think you can picture the issue with that.

    Maybe the answer is to tell people to spend no money and only play for free? Nope, thats not going to work because if everyone does that then it would not be good for the game. In that case how much should players spend then? Idk, I'm still waiting for more answers to the earlier questions myself. LOL!

    If one day Nexon finally starts looking for suggestions then I have more than a few, they can be located in the other threads so good luck with that.
    In any case, as I said before that I usually look at doomsday scenarios, the translated title of the thread could read: (in a worse case scenario) I think it is about time for Maple to close down.

    Well the task that I set out to accomplish is done and this informal report card is completed.


    If anybody else wants to take a shot at some of the newbie questions from above then I'd still be intrigued to see what players have to say on that front.
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  12. Default Re: I think it is about time for Maplestory to close down

    They have been. Once a year they have Local L/A people from surveys come in and explain what changes they want to see. The problem is, they disregard the big 3 desires since it hurts them at the surface level. They know exactly what they're doing, and Korea is just holding them back as well. Every decision they make is met with insane speculation and second guessing.

    Nexon, maplestory, and all of it's products are never going to change, no if's/ands about it.

  13. Default Re: I think it is about time for Maplestory to close down

    In a worse case situation that would probably be the case but if Nexon can manage to create Reboot then I believe that there is still a chance.

    (it might not be worth much but here is my 2 cents compressed into one place)
    Suppose there is a meeting and the topic is Maplestory. The people in the room are trying to decide on which of the following options will give the most bang for the buck.

    1. Single player features: People like to solo and feel strong without needing to wait for a party. It may not please everyone but most players will have a chance to use them since the requirement is only one person.

    2. New content: Everyone likes new stuff. There is practically no downside to this unless there is another problem somewhere else.

    3. Money making model: Actually this is a part that a lot of games want to have nailed down before launching. Everyone can appreciate improvements in this area though. What can be seen as downgrades or something too greedy is naturally going to be less popular.

    4. Classic content: Not everyone is going to be interested so its reach could be limited. However it does come with several passive bonuses including a larger player base, a different money making model and historic value for new and returning players. If it does really well there could even be consideration to further develop it or leave it as static. Both of which could be equally viable.

    5. New classes: Not bad but see Titanic reference from #2.

    Surely there could be other options as well but I already know which one I would pick so my example stops there. Heh, I guess my favoritism is showing a little bit but everything that I wrote, is true to the best of my knowledge. Maybe you are wondering why do I care? Well the answer is simple, its because I was one of the players that knew Maple when it was still young and innocent. I also do like modern Maple but its core or I'm not sure what we would call it, has been messed up. In Classic Maple the big money making items were Gachapon and I guess maybe pets or something. Nothing too flashy but just items that can help out each player and make the trip a little easier or more efficient. There is a gamble element to Gacha but pretty much everyone knows about that going in from the start and even the best prizes had limited value.

    Modern Maple has the cubes, everything revolves around them. The whole world was reshaped to bow down to their power creep. The price tag is like not even a real number anymore, I just, cant even, I dont know what is going on with that. While I basically like both Maples, the difference in Cash shop philosophy is simply too much. For me its not even a contest.

    Maybe there are players out there who like how its going and I am glad for them. Hey, I'm not one to judge. If someone would like to speak out on behalf of Modern Maplestory and talk about how good it is then I would read that.

    TL DR: The Cash shop easily sinks the current Maplestory but I am still optimistic.
    I speak of GMS, I could not say how much carries over to KMS.
    Thats just my opinion and the thoughts of one person on the internet. Maybe the other options could be better? Other options that were not listed? At the end of the day, Maple is a game for entertainment after all so its not really a big deal.

    Edit @ below:
    I'd like to take credit for that but I'm still a scrub next to Spidey.
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  14. Default Re: I think it is about time for Maplestory to close down

    The problem is that your opinion is the exact same one as the general consensus 6 years ago. There is a difference if these concerns weren't raised, and even solutions outright stated to them to their faces. You don't understand, I've shaken hands with the people you're trying to convey this pomegranate to dude. They know, they don't care, it's that simple.

  15. Default Re: I think it is about time for Maplestory to close down

    Congrats on being the most (in)famous person on Southperry! Racking in 14k views in less than a week

  16. Default Re: I think it is about time for Maplestory to close down

    Maplestory would only need to close down if this were to bring about something positive for anyone, but what would that be? Even if there was a chance for something to happen it would have to start in Korea since they are the only ones capable of building something out of it. GMs would just move all MS resources into their other games and give us some apology plus a starters pack in another one of their games.

  17. Default Re: I think it is about time for Maplestory to close down

    Something positive from it closing down? Well that would heavily depend on what a person thinks of the game. Although I only meant it in a worse-case-scenario kind of way and I don't think it would happen in the short term.

    Don't know how it works inside of Nexon but management and staff can change, so theres that. I didn't specifically consider a target audience when I made this, I suppose it would be whomever took the time to read it.

    Edit @ below:
    I regret nothing!
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  18. Default Re: I think it is about time for Maplestory to close down


    The only change the company wants is a game that supersedes maplestory. They want something much more modern with Maplestory longevity, uniqueness, quirkyness. Look at how many games they even have open to us under their own parent company, most of them have been shifted to other companies, or their subsidiaries.

    Best thing IS for maplestory to croak, because then people who want to fix it can buy it.

  19. Default Re: I think it is about time for Maplestory to close down

    pikamemnon thread

  20. Default Re: I think it is about time for Maplestory to close down

    I don't come here often anymore... but whenever i do i see this same rehashed sh...

    MapleStory won't die while there's still people who don't know how to look after their money or have too much of it to actually care keeping this pomegranate afloat.



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