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    Default Nexon Q2 2017 Financial Results

    Q2 2017 Investor Presentation:

    Overall quarter was very strong as revenues exceeded outlook.

    China: 9th anniversary update for Dungeon & Fighter was well received and the Female Priest character update drove item sales as well.
    Korea: Strong performance from MapleStory & Dungeon and Fighter helped offset deceleration of other titles (they mention HIT and Sudden Attack to have decreased "significantly" in the consolidated financial results report). 14th anniversary update received positive feedback.
    Japan: YoY growth primarily driven by HIT and HIDE AND FIRE. Important to note that the PC business which has been declining in Japan for a while now increased YoY here.
    North America: Revenue increase YoY. Focused on preparing for LawBreakers launch on 8/8.
    Europe+Others: Revenues increased sharply YoY. Primarily driven by Dynasty Warriors Unleashed's release in Southeast Asia.

    Expecting high teens % to 20+% YoY increase on constant currency basis.
    Preparation and development continue for D&F 2D Mobile and MapleStory2.

    Expecting high single digit % to low teens % YoY increase.
    Launching Counter Strike Online 2 (PC) and StraStella (mobile) (new name for M.O.E).

    Expecting flat to high single digit % YoY increase on constant currency basis.
    Launching Moonlight Blade and Titanfall Online on PC by the end of the year and various mobile titles.

    North America/EU + Others:
    Expecting flat to low teens % YoY increase.
    Launched LawBreakers (PC/PS4) on 8/8. Various mobile titles scheduled for launch. No mention of any new PC games scheduled to launch this year*.

    * So maybe they're going to drag out Hyper Universe through various betas until next year? And also this probably means we aren't going to see anything concrete from Nexon America themselves about GMS2 until very late this year or early next year.

  2. Default Re: Nexon Q2 2017 Financial Results

    Well if nexon is earning money I guess maplestory will continue to survive for a few more years at least. I'm surprised they haven't cut any dead weight. You know what scratch that last part, they cut Atlantica.



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