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I play Luna EU (ign: chuchuru 213 beast tamer).
I originally started Maplestory back in September 2006 and been on and off with a few long breaks since 2010.

I made a new character in 2016 after a year absence, and now I feel old. Not just because I am old compared to today's maple standards, but I feel I am the only one who's been around since forever..

If there's anyone still active who played in Bellocan around 2006-2008 I'd love to chat up, even if we can't play on the same server, it'd be nice with a text-to-text maple buddy to talk to about the game, in aspects not purely revolving around damage and leveling.

I feel very nostalgic at times and have always loved MapleStory for what it is, despite its downward spiral compared to the community driven game it once was.

Joined Southperry in hopes of finding old-school buddies or just a more mature audience to share screenshots and videos with.