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  1. Exclamation How Are Private Servers Made?

    Before you start locking this thread, please bear with me as I'm having terrible luck trying to get answers to questions such as this.

    I should've thought of/done this long ago rather than starve myself through all those school lunch times just so I could get a Store permit and sell stuff only to get insults in return instead from narrow-minded players who refused to join my guild.

    After all these years of failed leveling, upgrading, and recruiting of guild members, and a destroyed Ghost Ship Exorcist badge on a 3 year old Mechanic, I decided to retire to a MapleStory Private Server. After playing on a v185 Private Server for the first time after 3 years on GMS, I realized "I could've had all my MapleStory Short Story videos done by now (or maybe last year; one of the two)" (and just in case if you don't know what a MapleStory Short Story is, here's a sample for reference: But instead, I wasted it all on daily-limited quests and trying to get mesos to upgrade equips as well as $600CAD just to get nx and buy stuff (such as meso sacs and shop permits) to get things across and learn things in MS the hard way. Yes, I literally sacrificed $600CAD in high school lunch money just to get stuff like hair coupons in MS when I could've used that money to get a supercomputer. The destroyed GSE badge on my 3 year old 210 mechanic (via star enhancement window), plus Nexon's lack of equipment compensation ultimately led me to doing the one thing no one would ever encourage me to do: I gave up on GMS. Without my GSE badge, I can't continue on GMS. Plus, I wasted too much real money just to sell stuff in an attempt to get more mesos. Instead, I got more insults than mesos from players. Such as "Shoo.", "@No.", and "Leave.".

    So my big question here is how do they make a MS Private Server (whether it's a v83 or any version in this case)? Like, do they break into Nexon's HQ and extract all the sprites, maps, sound effects, etc off their computers and then reconstruct it like a jigsaw puzzle? If they did, then I'll have to pack my bags and fly to California in order to do that. Like, the MS files have to come from somewhere. Also, its the only way to acquire the Wizet Invincible Hat. Plus, there are rules on other Private Server sites that say things like "no hacking, injecting of tools/unauthorised equips/packets, no wz file editing, etc". I feel like I deserve a vacation from this game, but don't wanna spend another 1-2-3 years recollecting all the mesos and equips myself. I need to make up for the 3 years of wasted time on MS and get my movie/animation projects finished at the same time.

    In addition to the hat, the GM class itself is making me jealous. Yes, theres actually a class called "SuperGM". So with a personal Private Server (a Private Server meant for my own personal usage), I can see what it's like to be a GM and bypass all the other private server site rules. Plus, theres a skill called "Super Dragon Roar" that does %1000 damage to all monsters on screen.

    While we're on this topic about hacking, why are bots bad? I never hacked before, but as a good player from GMS, the only good use I see for them is that they can allow me to farm mesos while I do house chores. Of course, I could call in my human friend to play MS for me while I make breakfast/lunch/dinner, do laundry, etc. So why are bots taboo to mmorpg moderators like MapleStory? That and having my friend play MS for me will make no difference (at least thats what I think).

    A side question: why or how are Private Servers bad? Besides the fact that they allow you to play the game and get stuff absolutely free, I don't see how Private Servers are bad. Also, when you create a Private Server, do you as the admin, get a Wizet Invincible Hat?

    Also, how do I safeguard my PS from Nexon so they don't find it? ExtaliaMS got shut down when Nexon discovered their ip address. (Well, actually, the real reason is unknown. But still, I wanna take extra precautions to avoid going to court to face Nexon.)

    So with this, I'll have to put my MMD project on hold for now. I gotta wait til MS2 is released so I can port its models to MMD.

    And believe me, my friend. When it comes to MMORPGs, it's literally a race against time (this is where Time is Money. Such as EG, construction of a condo in a boom-town; the workers need to build it quickly to allow more residents to move in.). Especially if you have a huge amount of character classes to upgrade. Plus, you are only allowed to do a daily event once per character. I have a Mechanic, an Angelic Buster, a Corsair, a Cannon Master, a Zero, a Xenon, a Phantom, a Beast Tamer, and a Wild Hunter. That's like more kids than Octomom needs to feed. And I used up almost an entire day just to do daily quests on all of them due to the fact that alot of negative factors in the game slowed me down as the days rolled by! Whether it's bad hackers, DCs (which is an online game term for "disconnections") (regardless of whether I have a good or poor internet connection), unscheduled server maintenances, or anything else along those lines!

    Plus, can't you compare a v83 Private Server to a discontinued game console like the Gamecube or the PlayStation 1? How can we play an old game from many years ago without a machine that's capable of doing so? So yeah, how can we try out the old skills and old classes of the older servers if we can't even play on the older servers of Yesterday Today?

    Also, can't you compare a MMORPG Private Server to a Jailbreak (such as IAP Cracker and Installous) for iPod Touches/iPhones/iPads? Because for games like Tiny Tower, Subway Surfers, Candy Crush, etc, even without a Jailbreak/with the official server, I can still go the distance and get these games completed 100% without spending a single penny, because the developer(s) that made these game(s) intends to put them up to be downloaded for free. But I can't waste anymore time on these server-sided games as I have other important things to do.

    Oh, 1 more thing. Besides internet service, how does a Private Server require funds to run? Because most PS sites say in their community guidelines "If possible, please donate as Private Servers need funds to run. I've been paying out of my own pocket for months now.".

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