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    Default The next Powercreep to clear new Dojo

    I was looking in youtube and i end up seeying this F/P in TMS that managed to clear the floor 58 in Dojo, he have a LOT of damage, he does bilions of damage inside Dojo, the only reason he goes that far is because of the Crusader Codex that is really superior to our version, he can get +50%buff duration(or 150% which is even crazyer) and have Inifinity with 100%uptime,

    Aside from him nobody else can reach that far(usually stop at 55 and a Kanna went up to 56), so even in TMS with all the broken eqps and powercreeps they still far from clearing(he's already good for beying a class so imobile).

    That's why i thougt that they will give some new powercreep, what would really give the edge aside from new 5jobs skills/passives would be a new tier of Potential(maybe with red color), people need get like 10x more damage if not more, the complete set lv200 won't give that damage.

    Still not sure what stuff they will come out with as time goes, the powergap is quite big to clear this new dojo.

  2. Default Re: The next Powercreep to clear new Dojo

    Can I just say how much I've progressively hated the new Dojo? Everytime they updated it I hate it more. I miss when you could do it as a party.

  3. Default Re: The next Powercreep to clear new Dojo

    Why couldn't this guy use Battle Stats? I wanted to know how much HP later bosses have.



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