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  1. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Helioh
    Server: Mardia
    Level: OMO
    Job: Hunter
    Alliance: '_-


    So unfair. I've killed over 300 now looking for Hurricane 30 and this is the first thing I've gotten that is worth anything.

    Others that I killed tonight (no one trains on Mardia anymore, so I just go kill bosses instead ):

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  2. Default

    Todays KoM zruns,

    Crogs.. Scroll for Gloves for.. ...DEX

    ~next day

    Duo pap with some awesome drops!

    Todays KoM zrun,
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  3. Default

    My first attempt at pap solo and I run out of mesos gaurd mesos


  4. Default

    60% 1h bw while getting manons cry >.>

    Todays KoM zrun,

    Double pap lame drops

  5. Default

    Get Fraps, save it as a PNG, then upload it. Print Screen saves it as a JPEG, and photobucket makes BMPs into JPEGs. :[

  6. Default

    A bit old but...

    Newer ones...

  7. Default

    Double pap,

    Todays KoM zrun,

  8. Default

    yay for lots of exp but lost it on 2nd pap run >.>

    Todays KoM zrun,

    Pap dropping something 0_o

  9. Default

    I see me, lol.

    My pictures from that run:

    My long time fail helm finally got replaced (6 below avg stats D:)

    The replacement helm:

    6 below avg to 3 above, 1 below (I still dont have a helm that's hp washing friendly... oh well D:)

  10. Default

    I see me in the last two screenies, F3.

    Today's double Zakum runs during double EXP. (:

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