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    Default Nexon Transparency/Communication Survey

    After how Arwoo got himself hated on the official forums and the subreddit within a month of introducing himself, it was time for his boss to step in and do some damage control.

    (Note how the "longer post" promised never mentions the issue that triggered the whole mess, that of banning a forumer for what they said on reddit).

    So all their brainstorming has led to this survey, because obviously what people have been posting across all media for the past half dozen years (at least) can't be how the community really feels.

  2. Default Re: Nexon Transparency/Communication Survey

    I just want them to do something about all the botters in Arcane River. No second chances just banned permanently.

  3. Default Re: Nexon Transparency/Communication Survey

    I'd rather they do that, but also stop the hack from reaching the game. Otherwise, banning will be pointless, as there will always be another botter to take the place of any banned ones.

  4. Mercury Male
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    Default Re: Nexon Transparency/Communication Survey

    In the end it's pretty much like: we want to talk to you guys, as long we hear what we want, and not actual criticism that can be annoying sometimes, but usefull.
    Edit: still, they don't like to hear fails that they did(at least they didn't), so this make harder to the game to improve.

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    "What is your highest priority non-game issue we should fix? Related to website, forums, etc..."

    I feel this on alone takes away all my interest on the survey. haven't all the issues that have caused comunity managers to leave started as in game issues? If anything they just should be more transparent on telling the comunity what goes on when they try to deal with those issues, but then they risk looking incompetent / unconcerned, so they can't be more transparent in the end?

    They should try to improve how they deal with in game issues instead, and that alone will save them from so many troubles in the forums and out of the game in general.

  6. Default Re: Nexon Transparency/Communication Survey

    in order to solve the botting problem they need to attack the issue of why people bot in the first place

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    Greed? lol

    Botters have a business because there is a market, there is a market because either people are too greedy and want more and more poweer or because they simply don't have the time / don't want to wait. NOBODY bots for levels anymore.

    I do think though, that items like cubic blades and nodes should have greater dropchances. Those two could also drop from bosses.

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    Default Re: Nexon Transparency/Communication Survey

    Boss: Look we're trying to care!
    Also the Boss: Johnson! Pretend to care.

  9. Default Re: Nexon Transparency/Communication Survey

    As I always say (after Merge) I would have never guess that EMS was actually handling stuff pretty well. There was no mercy for hackers. You where found doing something remotely close to hacking or abusing a glitch/bug. Perma banned and chain banned, meaning that any account logged from that IP was banned. And for new hacks/glitchs/bug they where adressed pretty soon and in most cases, after every single patch, they changed something making old hacks useless and making the hackers work their way up to hack again.

    Ofc this made the hackers become actual professionals in their work, and making hacks pay2use.

    They had this GMs team that involved 2 or 3 actual GMs, considered Admins and having the "GM" in the beggining of their names, and all the skills base for a GM; and like 4 or 5 lower rank GMs, with less power, having a "NX" in the start of their name and a non GM character with a class they like. They all where pretty active and you could get to talk with them at least once a week. GMChaos used to be stalking people on invisible mode and handling chatbans to any player using curse words (I had that once lol)

    That and 2 forum mods (that where actual players and got their payment in monthly maple points) had the whole escenario controlled. Ofc they werent perfect. But things we (migrated players) had for granted, came back after merge. After a hack wave and a horrible security breach that gave access hackers to every single account they like, things got gradually better on EMS to the point that most of the issues where solved and the dmg to the game/echonomy was reduced. We had problems and tons of bug, but compared to GMS we had a godly like Nexon Staff that did noticed what the comunity had to say.

    If you bored enough take a look, forum still up.

    I wish that CM would take a look at it. GMS forum is so confusing. pomegranate ton of useless sections and none of the good ones even exist. (Where the pineapple is the market section? like seriously that was better than AH for big items :c)

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    not even greed. the grind is bad enough for some items that regular gameplay is repetitive enough that you may as well be botting while you're farming for them. pet autobuff and pot have added absurdly silly levels of automation already.

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    I admit some ways of farming stuff are pretty repetitive. Commerci is probably the most effective way of farming cubic blades and cubes, yet its really boring because there is absolutely no challenge. I'd wish KMS would take the area and turn it into minigames with random challenges, like Fritto portals. Also daily bosses could be a lot more easy and enjoyable to do if all worked like Ursus and each person got their drops through an individual UI. Elite mobs should drop more cubic blades and elite boss drops should be cleaned up to take away so many junk they give. An idea I had was let elites drop Dark coins or something and set a permanent store for people to buy the items they want out of it. Set a daily limit to each item to avoid exploiting. That could help control some of the damage hackers do to the economy...

    Arghhh so many ideas and no power to actually change something in game. IF ANYTHING,THATS WHAT SHOULD CHANGE BETWEEN COMUNICATION BETWEEN NEXON AND THE COMUNITY.

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    Like this will do anything.. ongoing issues since this game started that will never change.

    You don't need to ask us whats the problem.. go look at the game itself and the forums. This is just another grab at "trying" to care and to drag us around even more.

  13. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 232
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    Default Re: Nexon Transparency/Communication Survey

    Nexon's response to the survey result has been posted:



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