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    I thought the video was super nice, reminded me of old horror movies (and VHS tapes for some reason).

    Why the spooky theme at all? It makes sense for KMS to do the whole Friday the 13th thing since it was their 13th anniversary, and there actually was a Friday the 13th. The 12th isn't even a Thursday in April or May, the next one is in like October, in fact, I think. The only remotely "spooky" thing is Frankenbalrog, maybe?

    I also think it's funny that despite them doing Thursday the 12th, a lot of the special Thursday events are based around the number 13 (13 free monster park entries, and on Honor Thursday too, lot of good that'll do, free 13th enhancement event)

    I'm definitely not saying the events are bad, they're pretty decent, but the marketing just isn't quite there, other than the amazing video.

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    Oh is this the buffed Pink Bean? Meh.. didn't even try to reskin anything.

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    Yayyyy, mega burn, was waiting for that

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    ITYM the localization isn't quite there.
    They copy the events because that's what they always do for anniversaries, and yes, this time it makes a little less sense than usual, but, whatever.
    That screenshot of bunny NPCs in Event Hall is worrying, though. I wonder how many of the events will be impossible to participate in for those of us who can't set foot in there.

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    Tried watching the preview and just didn't do anything at all for me.

    Terror? Call me when you can make something similar to Naxxramas or Karazhan from World of Warcraft. Just felt bored from all the events we've had.

    Might as well say the upcoming events are going to bomb. If that was the best that could be done, then the CM is going to find that the terror coming his way is likely a fair bit of karma behind that termination notice.
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    It's been 12 years already? Holy pomegranate.



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