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  1. Default Reminder: MapleStory Direct Launch Ends March 23

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    Default Re: Reminder: MapleStory Direct Launch Ends March 23

    Time to watch the buggy mess explode in Nexon's face.

    To ask why? Something that needs to be sent to the developers for working in the field at the branch offices that are half a day behind the developer's time zone. Either that or branch management needs to think more on the region they are operating in compared to the home base. But alas, this day and age has the bull of immigration law and reality not really working together.

    Hence why we have the tomfoolery that said screw the crafting of flames and kept the nebulites. Or a myriad of other reasons which are looking much like a trashed skeletal horse at this point.

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    Default Re: Reminder: MapleStory Direct Launch Ends March 23

    You know how we're always saying Nexon staff don't play the game and that's why we have so many bugs and misfeatures?
    Well, their QA testers definitely don't use Nexon Launcher.
    If they did, they'd have known the last patch made it not work for anybody, and we wouldn't have needed the March 2 unscheduled maintenance.

    So yeah, they're forcing us to use something they don't use internally. Always makes you trust a restaurant when you know the chef doesn't eat their own cooking, right?
    They also haven't fixed any of the lacking features people complained about in their forums thread about the direct launch removal.
    It's just "this is how we at Nexon want things to be, deal with it."

    And @Bahamut X, it's not going to explode in Nexon's face. It's going to explode in our faces. They don't seem to care in the least if many of their (few remaining) users can't play the game. Launching has been problematic for months, requiring perfect timing in skipping the video, choosing a region, and selecting a character, or the game crashes. The last couple of patches introduced C++ Runtime Library errors, and customer support has no help for that (their help page for it says to download C++ Runtime Redistributable 2013, when in fact their latest patch requires 2015. And for some people it's not the C++ runtime that's the problem at all, but DirectX or something else).

    I bet when they see the number of concurrent users drop after the 23rd, they'll just pat themselves on the back and say, "See, the multi-clienting meso-bots were thwarted!"

    And I bet that when the hackers figure out a workaround (if they haven't already), Nexon will not let legits have GameLauncher back. So, as usual, hackers will be only temporarily inconvenienced, but legits will be forever frustrated.
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  4. Default Re: Reminder: MapleStory Direct Launch Ends March 23

    thanks nex, for the notice, i guess.

    the end of my time in maple. farewell

    though not too sad since game is hardly playable now. even logging in for hot day gift is very laggy and slow



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