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Thread: [Notice] Sengoku High: 2/15 – 2/28

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    Do they not know event hall is laggy af??

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    I legitimately had to enter the event hall, jump down, and hold down my NPC chat key in the hopes I'd make it into Sengoku High before my game would freeze entirely.

    Seriously, when the pineapple are you going to learn, Nexon? Absolutely nobody wants these NPCs in the event hall!!!

    Also, why is reboot still positively screwed on these totems/pocket items/badge? These are great items and I essentially have to restrict myself to... one or two, at most. It's silly. Give us alternatives for more entries already.

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    I agree, they could make something else then just get from daliyes, at least we can get some tickets in Reward shop, i don't know why now decide to put there the NPC, when in all other times i remember they were in cityes, like Edelstein, Henesys, least we have a good chance to get the badge(best item).

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    Do what I did. Ask someone with a better pc to be on the map and use telerock, then save the map on it. :D

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    If I recall correctly, many people were begging for GMS to add the Event hall because MapleSEA, Japan and I think China, had an event hall to get Gaga, the Maple Admin and others out of towns. Not that I'm saying you're wrong for being mad about this. Just not sure where else they could put them without causing town lag and even more grief. Personally I have no Event Hall lag, but that's just me. I guess they could just do entry from the event notifier.

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    Yes, we needed those three NPC's (Cassandra, Gaga, and Maple Admin) taken out of towns. Event Hall was a good idea. But putting all event NPC's and shops in there, while the place is lag central, was and still is a bad idea.

    Some options for a solution:

    1. They could clean up The Terrible Three's scripts so they won't cause lag in the first place.

    2. They could change the logic so it doesn't re-execute said scripts every second.

    3. They could move them, each to his or her own room, accessible from Event Hall. We'd still have a problem if we have to go talk to e.g. Maple Admin, but if we want to use some other Event Hall NPC we wouldn't have to content with The Terrible Three.

    4. They could move a lot more event quests to the notifiers. Event Coin Shops can't really go there, though.

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    Default Re: Sengoku High: 2/15 – 2/28

    May as well give GMS a pottable medal and title that got tier 4 pot at this point.

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    Just give us everything CMS has. Truly broken at that point.

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    On EMS we had the same Event Hall but wasnt laggy/bug at all. Also seems I can enter in some mules and get absolute 0 lag. Like nothing. I think theres a bug related to I would guess something like an old event and some buggy NPC. Like that stupid haste "[??????????] quest has ended" I keep getting on my main.

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    I can't remember where I've heard this but if you haven't done many event quests on certain characters you can enter event hall better than some.



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